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Signs of an Online Shopping Addict

Online shopping is very attractive and it can always leave you wanting for more but there are few of us who just can’t get enough of it. Understand the warning (we mean, funny and harmless) signs of an online shopping addict.

Fashion & Beauty By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jan 13, 2015

The Online Shopper

How do you like online shopping? Shopping and online shopping are no longer two different things. There was a time when people had to get things by actually visiting the shops or markets nearby. Since then things have changed a lot. Most of us have bought one thing or the other online. But there are few, who are addicted to online shopping. But fortunately, this addiction is not like other harmful addictions. By being an online addict you are most likely to spend a little more time and money on online shopping. Here are some signs that will help you identify the online shopping addict inside you. Image Courtesy: Getty

Check Your Home Page Buddy

Your default browser’s home page can tell a lot about your habits and likings. People usually set websites that they visit most often as their home page. So, if you have Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, Ebay, SnapDeal as your browser’s default page, you are already an online shopping addict. Well, don’t be ashamed of your addiction. If you can afford it, just be proud of this one. There is no harm in shopping online. But seriously, Jabong as your home page? Hope you haven’t started searching for ‘ample-sleep’ online at your favourite shopping portal. Image Courtesy: Getty



If you just read Cash on delivery instead of COD, you should know that you are an online shopping addict. Online shopping offers amazing tricks to lure you into buying more things that you may not even need and cash on delivery is one of the most effective tricks they have got up their sleeves. Free door-step deliveries with option to pay in cash at the time of delivery is quite an easy way to make you ‘check-out’. Image Courtesy: Getty

CC Handy

No doubt people love their credit cards but everyone may have a different reason for why they have one. If you are fond of your credit card for all the cashback and exclusive deals you get at the online shopping portals for your card, you are almost an online shopping addict. And if always keep your credit card handy before opening the web browser or an online shopping portals dedicated mobile app, you are already an addict. It’s quite possible for you to think of somethings that you must check out online. Image Courtesy: Getty

What’s a Number?

Well, a number can mean anything for us but for you it just means one thing, your credit card number. If you have your credit card details on your finger-tips including the expiry date and the CVV number, you are on online shopping addict. After so many transactions on the shopping portals, you don’t even need to look at your credit card to pay for the stuff. You just remember everything and take hardly any time during check out. Image Courtesy: Getty



Flooded With Offers

Who doesn’t hate an endless chain of countless mails from online shopping portals? An online shopping addict. If your inbox is full of offers and special discounts at online shopping portals and you are not bothered by them, you are no longer the offline-shopper. If you spend time checking out every email from the online portals, you are definitely an online shopping addict. Hope you don’t refresh your inbox every other hour just to get more of such mails, as that would be a little too much of addiction. Image Courtesy: Getty

No Need for a Phonebook

We usually need to check our phonebooks in cell phones for phone numbers of even our close friends or family. After all, who wants to take the pain of remembering all the numbers when the smartphone offers an easy option? There are, however, a few people who remember all 10-12 digit toll free numbers of all the shopping portals, and yes you got it right, we call them online shopping addicts. Hope you don’t have those numbers on the speed dial already. At least keep that space reserved for folks you know and love. Image Courtesy: Getty

You Now are almost Friends with the Delivery Man

If you know the guy who delivers your products on a first name basis, you are very likely to be a frequent buyer. While people may not even know the first name of all the staff at their office, you know the delivery people by their first name. If you can correctly guess the date and time of your delivery before even placing the order online, you are an addict who has already ordered stuff hundred times from the same online shopping stores. But, who cares? Have a happy (shopping) day. Image Courtesy: Getty



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