Beware of these Signs of an Asthma Attack

Jun 17, 2014

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    Signs you Must Know

    Is the danger of an asthma attack looming over you since a long time now? If this one question has given you sleepless nights, here are few warning signs which help you prepare yourself. Knowing about the signs of an awaiting asthma attack can prevent an emergency and could save your life.

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    Continuous Cough

    The symptoms of an asthma attack can vary from time-to-time. One time you may experience normal cough, next time you may have no cough at all, and at times you may have persistent cough. This cough is dry and taking medicine will not prevent the attack. It would only give you indications towards a looming attack.

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    Itching in the Neck and Chin

    If you have been experiencing itching on the neck and chin and some stretch marks are also visible, it is time for you to prepare for an asthma attack.

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    Audible Wheezing

    When there is an increased secretion in the upper airway, you may experience an audible wheezing. This can be an early sign of an attack.

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    Tightness in the Chest

    If your chest has started to hurt quite more often these days, an asthma attack is nearing you.

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    Increased Respiration

    When you are near an allergic substance, you may feel in increased respiratory rate. This is a sign that you will soon be having an asthma attack.

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    Burning Sensation in the Chest

    This is a classic sign which must be taken very seriously as soon as you notice it. A burning sensation could be caused due to acidity also. But, if you are an asthmatic you should never ignore the sign.

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    When you face difficulties in breathing, never treat it normally. An asthma attack is on your way and you must treat this as a serious problem and prepare yourself.

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    Stooping Shoulders

    Whenever you are going to have an attack, you will notice hunched shoulders. This happens as this makes the asthmatics to increase their lung capacity to make it feel like they are taking enough air.

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    Forward Leaning

    When breathlessness takes place people try to lean forward to breathe in enough air. This makes their posture strained.

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    Blue Lips or Fingernails

    When your blood does not receive enough oxygen, you fingernails or lips start turning blue. This is called cyanosis.

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