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Side-effects of Incense Sticks or Aggarbatti

Burning of incense sticks holds a religious value in almost every Indian household. Thus, its side-effects can get easily ignored. However, there are some serious ill-effects of these aromatic sticks which you must know.

Asthma By Vasudha Bhat / Apr 15, 2015

Don't Ignore!

Incense sticks are a part of every Indian household. From offering prayers to freshening up the surroundings, incense sticks can do it all. However, according to a research, polyaromatic hydrocarbons found in incense sticks could lead to lethal diseases like asthma, cancer and expose you to various health problems such as cough and headache. Here is how incense sticks can be a threat to your health.

Cough and Sneeze

Results of the recent research has revealed the harmful effects of incense sticks. It showed how the release of carbon-di-oxide can swell up lung cells, eventually causing troubles with breathing.


Burning of incense stick releases harmful gases like sulphur-di-oxide and carbon monoxide. Regular exposure to these gases can cause breathing-related problems like COPD and asthma.

Skin and Eye Allergies

It has been proven that constant use of incense sticks can cause allergy in the eyes, especially in kids and the elderly. Also, people with sensitive skin when exposed to smoke regularly could become a victim of allergic reactions.

Lung Cancer

Exposure to smoke released by incense sticks could produce cancer cells in the wind pipe.

Accumulation of Toxic Substances

Studies have shown that smoke emitted by incense sticks contains substances like lead, iron and magnesium, which increases the amount toxic substances accumulated in the body.

Poor Heart Conditions

Prolonged use of incense stick can increase the risk of a fatal heart condition by 10-12 percent. The lethal smoke released from incense sticks, which carries poisonous substance can damage the heart beyond repair.

Preventive Measures

Incense sticks pollute the air inside your house with the carbon monoxide carried by the smoke. To prevent the aforementioned health troubles, avoid use of incense sticks in high quantity. Avoid burning the sticks in a poorly ventilated room.

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