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Shocking facts supermarkets want never to be revealed

Not many of us know that when we’re at the supermarket, we are being played. Here are some deep dark secrets of grocery stores they don't want you to know.

Exercise & Fitness By Himanshu Sharma / Sep 07, 2015

Bargain is not really a bargain

Many things are offered on discount. But, do you know the price of everything? Your brain cannot keep a tab of all the price tags. What you are taking for a discounted price is not actually discounted.

Veggies and fruits are made to look good

Veggies and fruits will appear fresh every time you are at a grocery store. The truth, however, is that mist is sprayed on fruits and veggies in order to make them look fresh. And  the mist also makes them weigh more.

Shopping carts lurk with germs

Shopping carts are rarely cleaned. From babies to rotten food items, there is no dearth of articles that are carried on those carts. And who knows when they were cleaned last.  Give carts a quick swipe with sanitizing wipes or carry a bag with you.

The placement is pricey

The placement of items on store shelves is quite strategic. Most costly items are always kept at eye level so you get tempted to buy them.

‘Best before date' can be tampered with

You may be always checking for the ‘Best Before Date’, but it is actually of no use. This is because the best before dates can be changed by supermarkets and it is legal.



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