Sharing a Room:You would be familiar with these Irritants

Jan 13, 2015

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    Annoying Roommate Habits

    Many people, particularly the young and single, share a house. Sharing a house or apartment with someone is a great way to cut expenses and make sure that you are never alone. Sometimes, we end up with someone who we can’t live harmoniously with. Sharing a house with someone can be a challenge as not all roommate relationships turn out to be smooth. Here are some ways in which bad roommates can make your life difficult.


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    Watches Ridiculous TV Show and Hogs all Night

    You never get peace and quiet environ when your partner is at home. They make sleep impossible by playing music, watching television, talking on the phone or playing video games, even during odd hours. It feels like they just want you to stay awake. Their inconsiderate behaviour can strain temper to the breaking point.


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    Eats Up all that is there

    All the food and beverages that you keep in the fridge go missing, thanks to them. They are on a mission to take your food. In other words, you never find food in the apartment. You would hope they would ask for it, but they never do that. Not only do they take your food away but they also never bring anything to the table.


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    Hosts Parties Most Days

    When you are living in a shared arrangement, people have to coordinate their schedules so that both can stay comfortably. But, they don’t care a bit. They plan parties and invite their friends over without informing. It can be unsettling and infuriating when you see a visitor everyday! Also, they stay out till late without informing you and then knock the door at 3 in the morning.


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    You Find the Room in a Mess Whenever you Come Home

    You always find dirty dishes, towels on the bathroom floor, clothes everywhere and piles of garbage the moment you enter your apartment. It is for both partners to make sure the house or apartment remains clean. However, it isn’t always the case in a shared living arrangement. A roommate who does not have good standard of cleanliness may make things more difficult for you. It is more difficult to live with someone who doesn't care about the appearance of a shared home.


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    Never Pays Bills on Time

    Money can create an intolerable living situation. There are very few things more annoying than asking your roommate for their share of rent, day after the other. They have this "forgetting to pay the bills” problem. When you ask them, they will say “I’m so sorry, I forgot. I will do it tomorrow for sure”. The matters get worse when they borrow money from you and don’t return. They just love to make you beg for your own money.


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    Keep things Everywhere except where they should be

    You always find their wet towels and soap bars on the floor in the bathroom. When you tell them to put them in place, they’ll do but the story will be no different the next day. Not only the bathroom, you will never find things where you had kept them. They never put things back in place.


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    Strange Affair with the Weekend

    Their romantic affair with weekend is the most difficult thing to understand. When you hope to sleep an extra hour or two, they wake up super early and wake you up too. First they snore so loudly the world could hear and on top of that, they do it on a Sunday!