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5 Sexy Moves your Man will Love

The ambidextrous life that all of us lead makes it impossible to garner imagination to steam up the bedroom at night. Steaming up the bedroom does not mean that you have to frolic for hours, but try to be at least a little different: try these sex mo

Snr By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Sep 21, 2012

This is How you Please Them

You would come across many men who would say that any sex is good sex. This is true to some extent as pleasing men in bed is way easier than women. However, when you dig deep into the truth some men would admit that some sex is better than the rest. Know such ways here to make it a memorable night for your man.

Blindfold him

Giving sexual pleasure has several dimensions, but you must not forget that the brain is the most important sex organ that increases the response of the organs when one of them is devoid of any ability. Therefore, blindfolding him will stimulate his sensory awareness.

Be on top

Ask any guy what he likes to do most in bed and he will say “pleasing you”. Being on top gives you the option to take control of the situation and lets him roam his hands freely on your body. Besides, he would love to have your curves in full view.


Spooning is the best position while having sex. It not only helps give him access to your body, but also lets you give yourself a hand, which is sure to hit the sexual corner of his brain. So, flip the lights on and demo some action.


The missionary position helps the guy to take control. While your hips are free to move the way you want, your man can lock lips and eyes at times, with ease. When he is on top of you, both of you can express the desire of setting the pace according to what you want. This position helps a couple express easily and therefore, marks an amazing experience.

Stand up

Having sex while standing up, is the most desirable position for those, who prefer “got to-have-you-now” sex. This position will make him feel irresistible and is the right target if you are looking for a quickie.

Let him Watch

You must keep adding newness to your love-making sessions as it can fall prey of boredom easily. Now that you have tried the blindfolding move, try some let-him-watch action. Men can visualize and can be easily aroused by visual stimulation. Make them touch your body and let them enjoy watching you climax.

Let Him Imagine

Spontaneous sex is great but, having them prepared for the night sometimes can get them immense pleasure. Place a silk scarf in their briefcase with a note saying `you are going to need this tonight’. This will compel them to imagine the night and will leave them aroused.


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