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Sexual Hygiene to be Followed at all times

Hygiene is crucial for a healthy lifestyle, so is sexual hygiene. Your genitals are much more sensitive and prone to infections than other parts of the body. Proper sexual hygiene can help avoid several problems.

Snr By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jul 10, 2014

Sexual Hygiene

Sexual hygiene is a subject that is not discussed openly but following sexual hygiene is as important as following a healthy lifestyle. Poor sexual hygiene can lead to several problems such as infections that can lead to serious diseases. Follow these tips for sexual hygiene for a better sex life. Image courtesy: Getty

Washing Tips for women

It is very important for women to know the right direction of cleaning your genitals. The best recommended way that can help prevent the transfer of infection from anus to vagina and development of yeast is to wash from vaginal area towards anus. Image Courtesy: Getty Images.

Cleaning tips for Circumcised Men

Men who are circumcised should also take care of their sexual hygiene. Pull back the foreskin and wash the glans with lukewarm water.  The inner skin of the foreskin should also be cleaned properly and gently as it is very susceptible to bacteria, dead cells and body fluids. Image Courtesy: Getty Images.

Dress Fresh

One of the best tips to keep good hygiene is to wear fresh and clean undergarments. One should always try to avoid wearing undergarments that are not washed or are drenched in sweat. The sweaty undergarments can provide a breeding ground for bacteria and can make your private parts vulnerable to infection. Image Courtesy : Getty

Don’t Hold Back the Call of Nature

Whenever you feel like relieving yourself, don’t hold it in as urinating helps in cleaning out the bacteria from the urinary tract. Delaying the urination helps in bacteria growth which can lead to various serious problems. Image Courtesy: Getty

Remove Hair

It’s important for both men and women to remove the pubic hair, as private areas are not exposed to fresh air which is why they are vulnerable to infections and bacteria. Removal of hair not only helps in reducing the itching but also reduces the bad odour. Image Courtesy: Getty

Avoid Sex during Mouth Sores

Although mouth sores are not a part of sexual hygiene, however having oral sex during mouth sores can cause problems. Oral sex should be avoided if either of the partners has sores inside the mouth as it can lead to infections. Image Courtesy: Getty

Avoid Tights

Wearing tight underwear or tight fitting jeans for a longer time can trap sweat resulting in breeding in bacteria. Instead go for lose fitting clothes or cotton. Image Courtesy: Getty

Clean Hands

If in case have to touch your genitals during bath or while cleansing, make sure that you wash your hands properly with soap. Germs from your hands may be much more harmful for your genitals than they are to your hands. Image Courtesy: Getty

Avoid Chemicals

Prevent your genitals from coming in contact with harsh chemicals such as soaps and lotions that aren’t meant for the sensitive regions like your genitals. With these sexual hygiene tips you can avoid several problems. Image courtesy : Getty


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