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Sex Talk Erogenous Zones in Woman

Erogenous zones are those areas where women feel aroused. So when making love if you want her to feel the deal, then know what are the spots!

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Feb 28, 2014

Arouse Her with a Soft Touch

The way she moves her head when she laughs and unknowingly reveals her neck, the corner of her eyes that light up with joy. Her supple lips that you want to kiss because it is so wet, because it is the only right thing to do. The small opening on the back which shows her golden skin, her shinning golden skin that you want to touch, and her earlobes which you want to bite. Love making is an art, if you see something that makes you weak on your knees then that it probably worth your kiss. If the woman you are making love to is enjoying your touches and kisses, then your act of physical love is a hit. Erogenous zones are those places that give erotic sensations, and a woman’s body is full of it. After all, behind the layer of clothing they have a hundred curves awaiting the touch of your lips. Do you know the right places to touch her?
then watch for her reaction.

Her Neck

When kissing your woman, slowly move to the neck from the mouth; take it one at a time. Her long neck can be kissed, touched, bitten and it feels great to her senses. The neck of a woman is the most popular erogenous zones. You may want to keep in mind that for some women one of the sides is more sensitive than the other. You must by all means visit the neck, and take it slow for it will give her an amazing feeling.

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Her Back

A woman’s great wide back is a beautiful place for you to explore. You will know she is enjoying your back rub, back lick, back kiss, or back stroke when she clenches the bed sheet with her hands. The back can be a very erogenous spot for a woman. Use all you have to explore the length and breadth of her back and you will turn her on quickly.

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Her Ears

You have no idea how crazy can your tongue in her ears feel like for her. Reach out for her ears and begin by sucking and nibbling the ear lopes. Then move to sensually swirl your tongue into her ears and she will go mad with desire. You could also whisper sweet and dirty things into her ears and make her happy. The most important bit of information for you is that you should work on her right ear because this is the part of the brain the controls happiness. Make her happy!

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Inner Thighs

Now this is easy to understand. Her inner thighs mean that you are getting close to her genital area and hence pleasure guaranteed. But you have to be gentle here, do not rush things, and never rush things when making love. You should start with caressing and stroking her inner thigh and then putting your lips and your tongue to the area. Eroticism will know no end.

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Behind her Knees

Now because it is located behind the knees it is often overlooked, but for a female body this is a gem. You should focus on the skin at the back of the knee by kissing, massaging dry or with oil and lotion. This may make her feel her little ticklish, but you should experiment with it and find out what suits her best. This also does not mean that you avoid the top of her knee, please work on that as well!

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Her Feet

There is always some room for a foot massage. This can be pleasurable and relaxing at the same time, also remember that this experience could be a ticklish one for her, and so be careful. There are chances that your woman has feet which are extremely sensitive and therefore you may want to explore this area. Try massaging and then you could use your mouth if they are clean!

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Her Stomach

You could plant kisses on her stomach, or better still just run your index finger along her end of her stomach just at the top where she is wearing her pants. Use your tongue to run along this stomach or even your fingers will do. This again could be a very ticklish area for your partner and therefore you should be careful. She may laugh out, you can laugh along! It is good.

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Her Lips

If you want her to be into you and to love you in bed real good, then you need to kiss her well. Spend at least five minutes kissing her before you go on to do something else. Those soft, wet, pink and red lips of hers are just very sensitive. Lips happen to be one the most erogenous areas of a woman’s body and you have to improvise on your intensity for a better reaction from her.

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Her Breasts/Nipples

A woman can be aroused if you work on her breasts, but you need to work well. You could gently fondle, squeeze, caress, lick or suck the nipples and all this can be very arousing for her. Also, you should try to improvise on the intensity. While some women like their guys to go rough on the breasts, others like it to be slow and gentle. So, find out!

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Her Buttocks

The buttocks are a great erogenous zone for a woman and you can touch it in various ways for them to have different effects on her. You could start with rubbing the area when she is clothed and then move forward from there. Make sure you do not tickle her, but instead arouse her. Things can get heated up at times when you slap this area so try it. At first try a very slow one, and then watch her reaction.

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