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  • Change your habits to prevent yeast infections

    Tired of those frequent and discomforting yeast infections? These changes in your habits will help you avoid yeast infection without many efforts.

  • Most exciting places to have sex in

    Ditch that bed for once and explore these amazing places to make love in. You'll thank us.

  • Love is not in the air: Celebrity love birds that flew apart

    Where to find the love that will last forever? I used to idolize filmstars, when it came to love but when I saw some of this movie star couples started calling it off back to back, one by one, I no more idolize anyone.

  • Things you need to know about female condoms

    Female condom is considered as good as a male condom to prevent pregnancy. But not many know how to use it correctly. You can learn that here.

  • The tantric technique designed to give you multiple orgasms

    Tantric sex can allow you to experience deeper, more love induced, more gratifying and a calming sex experience. Read on to know all the tantric techniques to have sex.

  • Why does one sided love hurt so much?

    When you have a crush on someone, you just fall in love with everything they do; you have this uncontrolled admiration for their every action and it so happens that you fail to see any flaws in them, you do not find anything wrong in them.

  • Monotony is Lethal for your Sex Life. Know More of Such Untold Secrets

    Boredom can kill your sex drive and looking better for your partner is as important as introducing new things to your love making sessions. There are many such secrets about sex which probably no one has told you. Know them here and re-kindle your sex life.

  • Sweep a Girl Off her Feet with these Flirting over Text Techniques

    Texting gives you a chance to say things that at times, you may feel embarrassed to say to a girl. But, the good news is that you can flirt over texts while still maintaining a comfort level and giving the girl her needed space.

  • Myths about Oral Sex

    Myths about oral sex have been pervasive for centuries, especially in the Indian society. Despite of the reluctance to pick up a debate on oral sex, it is indisputably one of the hottest trends among people.

  • Importance of Sex Education in Children

    Adolescence is a phase when the body is on an overdrive in terms of hormonal changes. Even though parents still are shy to discuss sex with their children, here is why it is important.

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