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Ways You Might Be Making Your Partner Jealous

He may not be usually jealous but there are occasions when you can notice him all anxious about your whereabouts, friends at work and the occasional texts that you receive from another guy. Know all the little tid-bits that annoy and make a man jealo

Dating By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Mar 03, 2015

Wondering What’s Going On?

Is he acting weird these days? Is he being moody, irritable and ready to turn a small argument into a full on fight? Since you guys have been spending a lot of time together, you don’t seem to have a clue what could be going on with him to act this weird way. Well, he may be plain jealous, even if there seemingly is no good reason for that. We suspect he could be jealous because of one or more of these reasons. Image Courtesy: Getty

Your New Work Routine

Your sudden love for getting into shape that you have been admiring for long might irritate him. According to a study conducted by North Carolina State University sometimes partner’s weight loss can negatively change relationship dynamics. It could be more irritating for those partners who don’t focus much on shaping up themselves. So, if you have been hitting the gym hard to achieve some serious results, make sure you don’t push him to join you. Instead, you can go for a low key active hangout like a hike with him. Don’t excuse him with your workout regime when he wants you to try the five-course menu at a new restaurant. Image Courtesy: Getty

Having too Many Ladies Nights

A study from State University of Buffalo suggests that having too many ladies nights with your girlfriends may cause feelings of jealousy in your partner.  You may wonder why your man would be jealous of your female friends, but well, most men see it as the threat to their importance in the girl’s life. You need to remind him that he is the most essential part of your life. Image Courtesy: Getty

Enjoying Lunch with Cube Mate

Your guy knows about all your friends and every one you meet. He knows there is nothing between you and the male co-worker you are teaming up for a new project. But he may still not like the idea of you having frequent lunch time meetings with him. A study from Cornell suggests that having a meal with a member of the opposite sex can create more jealousy from a partner than a coffee or drink date. You can invite your guy over lunch so that it doesn't bother him much. Image Courtesy: Getty

Your Addiction for Social Media

According to a study from the University of Missouri, Colombia, checking facebook feed frequently can create jealousy in your partner. But, why does it affect him? Well, the more time you spend on Facebook, the more it will make him think that something is happening there, causing him to monitor your page, such as by checking the comments on your pictures, the posts on your wall, etc. So, if you think this could be bothering him, it is time you take a break from social media. Image Courtesy: Getty

Getting Intense over a Scrabble

You may have felt excited the first time you came to know that he shares hobbies with you but you never imagined these habits to incite jealousy and insecure streaks. You don’t like losing a game and even to him it might be really irritating when you get incredibly competitive. There is nothing bad in being competitive but you should not let it affect your bond with him. Image Courtesy: Getty

Having a Male Best Friend

It does not matter if it’s been just six months being together or two years, you having a male best friend might be the last thing he will approve of.  No matter how well he knows you or your best friend, it makes him jealous when you two laugh at each other's jokes or share personal matters/issues with each other.  He may not say it or show it because he assumes you might feel bad but he does not like you having a male best friend especially if the guy is very close to you. Image Courtesy: Getty

Backing your Friend but Him

This one hurts him the most. He may or may not like all your friends. And when you choose your friends  over a stupid and drunk argument, it just kills them. Image Courtesy: Getty


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