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7 Ways to Fat-proof your Home

Wonder why most of your family member have been gaining weight? Well, you need to make amends and turn your place into a fat-proof zone. Here is how you can do it.

Mind Body By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Mar 22, 2015

Home, 'too sweet' home

If you are wondering why you can’t resist the temptation for food that comes your way, well the answer may lie in your own home. We have a physiological drive for high-sugar, high calorie foods and we are often surrounded by such foods especially when we are at home and we feel that it is fine to eat whatever we like. Dieting becomes a distant dream in such a case. Hence, changing your home environment may be effective in controlling your natural impulses. Here are some tips that can help you make your living space a diet-friendly zone.

Display the Good Stuff

You may not like to believe at first, but once you try it you will know that storing foods you want to eat more  in the plain view will be crucial. You may wonder how it works. Well, when people moved their fruits and vegetables from the crisper bin to the top shelf of the refrigerator and moved all the less healthy foods into the crisper, they reported eating nearly three times more as many fruits and vegetables as they used to eat the week before.

Hide the Bad Stuff

It may not be easy be for you to give away the temptations, but hiding the bad stuff might be of some help. Women who kept the chips and other such eatables on the counter weighed more than those whose chips were not visible. Similarly, women who had even one box of the breakfast cereal visible in the kitchen weighed more than those who did not have keep even a single one. This proves that hiding the bad stuff helps you keep temptation away. Avoid keeping your food in glass fronted shelves; instead, keep them behind solid doors. You can even place bad food behind the containers of the healthier foods as you are more likely to eat the first food you see in the cupboard than the fifth.

Use Small Plates in Darker Colours

Two ounces of cooked pasta is about one cup but it looks huge on a 10 inch plate. However, the same amount would look like an appetizer on a 12 inch plate, so we end up serving ourselves another spoonful. If your plate is of the same shade as your food, you will serve yourself 18 percent more because food shows up better and looks bigger on a contrasting plate. So serving white carbs like paste and rice on the dark plates is a smart idea.

Don’t buy in Bulk

You may get the benefit of bargaining while buying foods in bulk but once you get them home it becomes a burden for your cupboards and diet. According to a study, people who filled their cupboards with chips, juices boxes, cookies and noodles ate half of everything they bought within a week which is twice as fast as they would normally eat. It is best to keep such foods in a distant cupboard or in the basement.

Remove Kitchen TV and Big Comfy Chairs

People who spend more time in the kitchen tend to eat more food while hanging out in the kitchen. People who removed TVs and cozy seating from the kitchen, spent 18 fewer minutes in the kitchen hence ate less cereal, chips and cookies. It even made their meal prep more efficient.

Switch to a Fridge That has a Bottom Freezer

What is most abundantly found in the freezer chamber of your refrigerator? If your answer is ice creams and frozen ready-to-eat packaged foods, you may want to change your refrigerator with one that has the freezer at the bottom. When you have so many unhealthy food at eye level and at easy access, you are likely to gain weight.

Make Rules

You also need to make some rules for your house. No one should be allowed to eat unhealthy and calorie-dense food more than a certain limit. Substitute unhealthy foods with healthy ones that your family members will still like. And lastly, get everyone to switch to a healthy, balanced diet. Image Courtesy: Getty


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