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Seven Signs He is Checking out Other Chicks

If you are tired of suspecting that your man is checking out other women when he is with you then here are seven signs for you to be sure.

Dating By Arka Roy ChowdhuryAug 28, 2014

The Art of Checking Out

For most women the sorrow of having a boyfriend who is checking out other chicks when she is right in front of him is immense. This also means that a guy with a suspecting girlfriend would most likely have to walk with his eyes closed. But certainly, it is not gentlemanly to check out other women while the girlfriend has wrapped her own arm around him on the streets. For most of you women out there, it is an absolute disaster to have a man who is constantly ogling at other women on the streets, and that too in a blatant fashion. How can you tell that he is checking out other chicks? Because, remember that he will do all in his capacity to do it in a very secretive manner.
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If he Insults Her

If your boyfriend is insulting another girl on the streets and does it regularly then you ought to be worried. It is a simple trick, he will check out this woman’s racks or backside and point out how they are in bad shape, and then would probably throw in a line or two of insults too. Well, he had his way, he just checked her out very nicely.
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“I think I went to school with her” Excuse

If your boyfriend happens to have had gone to school with every third woman he sees on the street then he is faking it. Every time he sees someone on the street he stares at her for a long time and gives this very ready excuse for doing the same. He is certainly checking her out head to toe, and of course they never went to school together!
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If he is taking too long to get that Beer

You are in a club and you two are having a nice time, until he announces that he would like to get a beer refill. He goes and it seems like an eternity before he returns. While in some cases it could be that the bar had a long queue of midnight revellers, the other possible explanation is that he was awestruck looking at a female figure. He stared, and devoured her with his nasty eyes and then got back to you like a holy cow.
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He is a Beach Volleyball Enthusiast

There is no way that he knows the rules of the game of volleyball, but he insists that he loves to watch. Especially when it is women’s beach volleyball. All that bare essentials sticking on women jumping and falling, that is his seventh heaven, and you are being fooled. He is just playing you and enjoying the sight.
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He is making too Many Excuses

There are a whole lot of excuses in his bag and he lets them out one after the other. He is making them so frequently that you are probably not even noticing it. Too many excuses is always a sure sign that he is checking out chicks around him. The appropriate thing for him to do is to either say no and give a reasonable explanation or to come out honestly.
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He looks away Every time you catch Him

This is a classic response by those who are actually checking out that hot girl jogging in the park. He will look right away and get defensive, even if you catch him red handed. You should not say anything at first, but just observe and if he is giving sly glances and looking away each time you turn to him then he is busy elsewhere darling.
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When he is Matchmaking

Another classic example of how you man could be tricking you. Here, it is fairly easy to do for him, he just points out to the hot chick and asks you whether your common friend would look good with her or not. He would try doing matchmaking, and act all concerned about that guy friend who is all alone, but in reality he is feasting his eyes. Be careful!
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