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Secrets you should never tell your fiance

You may think it’s time your fiance knew everything, from your past. Go ahead and spill them out, but there are still some secrets you shouldn’t.

Snr By Suhail Sattar / Sep 04, 2015

Text from your exes

Are you having a friendly, healthy relationship with your exes? Not all partners see it in a positive way, though. Try not to let these trivial matters turn your relationship sour. Keep those texts strictly to yourself.

Your parents dislike him

Telling your partner about your parent’s disapproval will inevitably make him act extra self-conscious or even resentful around them. He might psychologically get stuck in the land of zero parental approval.

Having fantasies about someone else

Everyone has fantasies about the unattainable and fantasies are mere fantasies. Does your partner really need to know whether you have a thing for her sister (or his brother)? Confessing this in all probability is the most terrible idea.

Disliking his/her physical features

There is no one on the planet that is born perfect. If you happen to dislike your partner’s hair or some physical appearance of his/her that cannot be changed, it’s advisable you keep that note to yourself.

Your concerns for your exes

Anything related to your previous affair/s that you had needs to be either locked up or buried deep in the backyard. You don’t want your partner to dig up those incriminating details of your past as if they do, your relationship will only go down from there.


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