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Secrets Women Wish you Knew

There are secrets that you wish you knew about your woman. What does she think, why does she react in the way that she is doing?

Dating By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Apr 29, 2014

Secrets of Women

Women are such mysterious creatures that we hardly have any idea what is going on with them. Their minds are always working and thinkg and imagining things that you would never know. Because they never tell you! You have to read women in order to understand them, you have to see and think like them. Here are some tips for the blind boys out there, get your game face on and understand what women would like you to know.

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Caring Guy Rocks

Women do not like men who turn a blind eye to them. They likes men who are caring and who can be good to them. It is very important to understand that just because you are a guy you cannot toss your woman around. She needs to be respected and loved, and taken care of. Women like such men. Caring guys are the real hot guys.

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The Kiss should be French

Women like a long, deep and sexy kiss. A French kiss is highly intimate and arousing at the same time. This is the perfect way to turn on a woman, and they love it. They want their men to grab them and give them long, deep kisses. Sex without kissing is absolutely worthless, so do give that kiss!

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You Need to Listen

Listening is very essential, and it is important that you do so. When you do not listen, you tend to give out a signal that says you are not very interested. Therefore, make sure that you listen to your woman and acknowledge her concern. Just nodding your head does not mean that you are actually listening to her.

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Give it some Time

It is absolutely distasteful of men to aim for the shortest route to bed. They would do anything and everything for the first few months so as to get to have sex. But women do not like that, they like to take things slow. They may like you, lust for you, desire you and find you extremely attractive, but they are holding themselves back when it comes to sex because they like to take some time before reaching the bed.

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They want Truth

Women like to be told the truth, they are absolute haters of all things dishonest. If you are dishonest then you you lose out on her trust, and that can cause all the trouble. Make sure that you are honest and truthful to your woman, and she would love you for this forever.

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Keep it Romantic

While it is true that you cannot be on your Romeo mode every single minute of everyday, we believe that being romantic could be great. It does not cost anything to be romantic, and women love it. Romance is something that women want all the time, so just bring home some flowers when you come home from work!

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They Like it Soft

Women like the soft touch, unlike what men think. They like slow sex and soft touch, but of course rough surprises can get their pulses racing for sure. So the prevalent thing should be the soft feeling, with sudden explosion of  roughness from time to time to make things electric. She would love it!

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She Feels Jealous

Women can feel very jealous when their man likes another woman even in a normal way. So, do not be alarmed if she is hard on you at times like these. Jealousy is natural, she thinks that you belong to her, and that she deserves all of you all the time. Women are jealous creatures.

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Like to be Appreciated

Women can do a great deal for the man of their life, but they would like to feel appreciated. Women do not like to be ignored or thrown around after all the love and care that they show. So, it is essential that you show your woman the love that she deserves. Thank her for all that she does for you in your own way, some way that she would like.

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Adore her Body

Women like to be adored, in every sense of the word. You love her and this means that you love her body too, and all this can only happen when you are worshipping her body on a regular basis. When making love, you should make sure to love the length and breadth of her body, and you need to tell her and assure her that her body is wonderful. She would love it, and will be more comfortable around you. Won't that be great!

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