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Seaweed: A superfood you need to include in your diet for over-all body health

Include this nutritious superfood in your diet to get your daily dose of essential minerals and vitamins.

Exercise & Fitness By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Nov 25, 2016

Super food you have been missing out on

It’s highly likely that you have munched on seaweed wrapped around a sushi roll but only a few Indians would consider picking up a bag of seaweed at the grocery outlet. So, if you haven’t, here is why you should add this super food to the list of grocery items next time you go out to buy some. This dense green or brown vegetable is packed with antioxidants, calcium and a wide range of vitamins. Think that’s all it’s got to offers? We don’t because it has an array of health benefits and provides you a daily dose of number of essential minerals and vitamins. Image Source: Getty

Boosts immunity

Seaweed, a rich source of zinc and antioxidants, helps boost your immunity and reduces the risk of illness and infection. Image Source : Getty

Healthy blood sugar levels

Did you know seaweed is valuable in the treatment and management of blood sugar disorders?  It contains chromium and protein, which help normalise your blood sugar levels, thereby helps cure diabetes. Image Source : Getty

Reduces inflammation

Fucoidan, a sulphated polysaccharide found in seafood has shown to reduce inflammation related to diseases like arthritis, asthma, celiac disease, and depression. Image Source : Getty


Being rich in chlorophyll, a pigment that gives them green colour, seaweeds act as natural detoxifier that helps flush out waste products from your body. Image Source : Getty


Seaweed helps prevent cellulite build-up in t he body thus aids weight loss. The concentration of iodine helps stimulate the thyroid gland, which is responsible for maintaining a healthy metabolism. Image Source : Getty


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