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Safety Tips to Avoid Diseases during Summers

As soon as the warm weather arrives, all of us start planning the fun activities that we would be doing during the season. What we fail to realise is that everything comes with its cons and so do summers. Heat can make you ill, but you can prevent th

Mind Body By Ariba Khaliq / Nov 05, 2014

For a Secure Summer

Although you should make every effort to keep yourself and your kids safe year-round, it is especially significant in the summer when the risks of contracting diseases is at its peak. Review these summer safety tips for a happy summer.

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Mosquito Bites can Harm Much More!

Mosquito bites are capable of much more than what meets the eye. These tiny creatures carry West Nile virus, dengue fever, and other hazardous diseases on their mandible. To be safe, apply insect repellent and cover yourself up properly when stepping outdoors. Getting rid of standing water in your yard is one of the safety measures you must take to keep mosquitoes away.

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Flip-Flops: Fashionable or Territory for Fungal Infections?

Summer flip-flops hardly provide protection to your feet. In fact, they may just disclose you against banged toes, glass cuts or deflated wounds. They can also give a welcoming entry to insect bites. This warm season wear close-toed shoes that offer better safety.

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Small pinkish pimple can be heat rash

Usually found on body areas which are covered by clothing, commonly found in children, heat rash may also affect adults in hot, damp and sticky climates. These rashes tend to heal on their own; however as a precautionary measure, one must apply cold ice pack or take a cool bath. A calamine lotion can also be used for a baby rash.

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This summer, sun can burn you

Standing under the sun for long periods of time can lead to pain and redness of sunburn. Ice packs, pain relievers and moisturizing creams may ease your discomfort, however if one is also suffering from excessive swelling or blistering, consulting your healthcare provider is a must.

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Have a mindful munch

A bit of indulgence here or there won’t do much harm, but hog too much and it can disrupt your diet. Every ounce of potato chips or cheese puffs is roughly 160 calories and 10 grams of fat. Cheese nachos will give you 695 calories and a 10-cup box of movie theatre popcorn has roughly around 5560 calories, 30 g fat, and 972 mg sodium. So, it is about time you switch yourself to veggies with fat-free dip or small portions of fat-free popcorn.

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Keep Emergencies Away

Extreme heat can lead to life-threatening emergencies. Never leave any children, pets or adults in a closed, parked vehicle. Children often have no way to get away from warm environments, so if they are left unattended in a car or enclosed area without cooling, their body temperatures can rise to dangerous levels very quickly.

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Skip the Booze

Avoid consuming alcohol and diuretics. These cause you to lose water by causing frequent urination. Instead, stay well-hydrated with plenty of water-based, caffeine-free liquids and ice to stay cool.

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