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Reverse the Way Your Hands Reveal Your Age

As you get older, hands look bonier, have more wrinkles and are dry, and the veins become more visible- all are results of ageing. Sun spots from years of exposure become more pronounced. If your hands are giving away your age, reverse the effect wit

Fashion & Beauty By Ariba KhaliqDec 18, 2014

Until you Look Down at your Hands

Striking that balance between ageing gracefully and not looking as though we're older than we really are is a common thing we all do. With age, our skin thins and grows less elastic. We spend a large sum of money on fabulous skin care, anti-ageing makeup, and a youthful new haircut. All these make sure that 35 is your new 50 in the mirror, until you look down at your hands. Sun damage is the biggest culprit for older looking hands, according to experts. Healthier skin can be promoted by bathing in warm, and not hot, water. You should also wear sunscreen and not smoke. Keeping your hands well moisturized with thick creams, particularly overnight, is essential. And the sooner you establish a daily regimen the better. If you failed to recognise the signs of ageing until now and you hands are giving away your age, look at some treatment procedures that can reverse this appearance and give you soft and supple skin.

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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are characterised by acidic reagents applied on the skin for a very short time. These acidic agents work by dissolving the bonds between the dead cells of the skin and the viable layer of skin cells. A fresher and younger looking skin is left behind by casting off the dead layer of cells. Peels can be of two type- (a) superficial peels, like glycolic peels, (b) medium depth peels, like yellow peels. While the former type is used for maintenance of skin, the latter deals with problems like pigmentation. For desired results, multiple sessions of chemical peels are required. The sessions are usually carried out once a month. The side effects include slight redness and a stinging sensation, both of which settle down within an hour. In medium depth peels, the skin can continue peeling off for a week.

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For this technique, aluminium hydroxide crystals or a diamond tip are used to physically separate the dead skin cell layer from the workable skin layer. This results into an instantly fresher and younger looking skin. Multiple sessions are required of this procedure are required, and are conducted once every 3-4 weeks. It is a slow and gentle procedure and is a fantastic option to maintain skin health.




IPL Treatment

This is a light-based treatment which operates by flashing visible light through the skin. The various pigments in the skin absorb the light, and then are destroyed by the heat. The skin looks toned and has an even texture as a result of IPL treatment. It could take 4-6 sessions to see the desired effects, if you opt for this procedure. It has minimal side effects which may include slight redness and slight bumpiness of the skin. However, they will last only for a few hours.

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If you have multiple age spots on your hands, a very common problem faced by people with fairer skin tones, the age spots can be zapped by freezing them with a cold spray of liquid nitrogen. This causes the age spots to become completely black and simply fall off within a week, leaving behind normal skin. The area treated appears dark for a week and the discomfort caused by it is the only side effect faced.





In mesotherapy, multiple tiny injections of active ingredients are injected into the skin. The active ingredients are deposited exactly where they are required. Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid or depigmenting agents like arbutin may be used. The discomfort of the injection can be minimised by the use of a numbing gel. Multiple sessions of the procedure are required and the treatment sessions may be followed up by maintenance sessions. Side effects of mesotherapy may include bruising of the skin, which can give a bluish appearance that may take up to 10 days to fade away.

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Fillers function by injecting synthetic hyaluronic acid available in pre-filled syringes into the hands. Hyaluronic acid is the glue that binds different structures of the skin together. When deposited in the right layer under the skin, it draws water, hydrates the skin and plumps it up. The skin starts to look rejuvenated immediately. The results are very satisfying and instant. Side effects include slight bruising, which could take up to 10 days to settle. Depending on the product that is used, the injection may need to be repeated once every 6 months or 3 sets of injections given a month apart may be beneficial for a year.

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During a microneedling session, a numbing gel is applied, and then a derma-roller (which looks like a small roller blade) is gently rolled on the skin. This creates tiny wounds on the skin. This procedure tricks the skin into believing that there is an injury that needs to be repaired. The skin then heals by laying down new collagen, which then becomes firm and tightens the skin. This is a good procedure that is used when the skin is loose and hangs in folds. 6-10 sessions are carried out at weekly intervals for maximum benefit. The skin looks slightly red for a couple of days after the procedure but there are no long term side effects.

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