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Train the Brain with these Tricks for a Stronger Will Power

It is human nature to succumb to distractions. But, when you fight against all odds and have control over your temptations it indicates that you have a strong will power. Here are some tricks to boost self-control.

Mental Health By Vasudha Bhat / Sep 04, 2014

Nothing is Impossible

We often come across people who at times we hear telling themselves "yes, I can do it’’. These people have a strong will power and it is them who think that "impossible is nothing’’. Sometimes when you dream of achieving a goal, failure is all you see infront of you for a while and surely you would realize that it is the lack of will power that refrains you from reaching to the top. Here we identify primary causes of lack of will power and give you the best tricks to fight them.

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Learn to Manage Stress

When you are under stress the body uses more energy than usual to sort things out in a shorter span of time. In highly stressful situations, the prefrontal cortex of our brain loses the battle energy. So, it is advisable to take few deep breaths whenever something tempts you so as to manage the stress levels and improve will power.

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Keep Encouraging yourself to Stick to a Plan

Easier said than done but, self affirmation can work like a magic wand in controlling you. It was shown in a study that using phrases like I don’t’’ has a better effect on your self-control than using phrases like "I can’t’’ in which you seem to be forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do.

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Have Sound and Sufficient Sleep

Getting proper sleep plays a significant role in enhancing the prefrontal cortex of the brain. A recent research has shown that people who sleep for somewhere between 6.5 hours and 7.5 hours at night live a long life and are happier and more productive.

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Meditation has been found to have links with increasing willpower, improving attention, managing stress and improving self awareness. Meditate for as little as 8 weeks and you will find yourself more determined and strong.

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Exercise and Improve Nutrition

The best and the most ignored way to boost will power is to keep the brain nourished. Eating a healthful diet and exercising regularly can help you keep stress at bay and thus build a stronger will power. Mindful exercises like yoga and intense physical training can relieve you of the stress and thus build a stronger feeling of self control.

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Postpone to Kill the Temptation

When you postpone stuff, it helps you develop a stronger resistance against temptation. For example, if you have been offered a chocolate cake, by avoiding eating it for now you will be able to finally get over the temptation to eat it.

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Reward yourself for having a Strong Will Power

When you have curtailed yourself from following a temptation you must reward yourself later with exactly the same thing which you had let go of earlier. This will keep you motivated towards having self control.

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