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  • 5 Signs you have been dating someone for too long

    You have lost counts of your fights; you are used to his or her crazy antics, you know each other way better than themselves, you have seen each other’s highs and lows, you still haven’t tied the knot but you are already acting like married couple, may be because you have been with each other, since you don’t know when.

  • 10 Awesome non-cheesy valentine's day ideas

    Stuffing your Valentine’s Day with all the sentimental stuff is for a usual couple. But, if you are not those lovey-dovey kinds here are some not-so mushy yet, fun ideas for your Valentine’s Day.

  • What does woman notices in man

    While men have their different choices and perspective, a woman also notices few things when she sees a man. It is quite natural and happens automatically; however a woman is more specific and reasonable while noticing. Here are some things a woman notices in a man.

  • Reasons you should date someone who travels

    If you are looking to date someone, date someone who loves travelling. Besides the countless travel benefits, they will bring out a better version of you.

  • 7 Surprising Ways Relationship Breakups Affect Your Health

    A breakup can do much more damage than you think. From loss of appetite to a heart attack, a split can wreck havoc on your body.

  • 7 Signs you are Headed for a Breakup

    Breakup can cause heart-wrenching pain. But do you know what could make it more painful? Not knowing that it was coming your way. So, here are few indicators that will help you ease the pain a little.

  • 5 Things you will love and hate about dating a shy girl

    Typically, a confident girl makes it little easier for you to make a connection. When you are looking to date a shy girl, you'll have work a bit more.

  • Awesome reasons to date a beach lover

    The prime reason to date a beach lover is his love for the calm blue sea. There is no need of dating tips for a beach lover; as they are all set with dating ideas with beach in them.

  • Relationship lessons we can learn from our parents

    If you often wonder how one can be good at relationships, you need to look up to your family. Here is what you can learn about relationships from your parents.

  • Incredible reasons why bossy women make amazing wives

    Times have changed! Women are no longer confined to their homes, hiding their faces, keeping their voices unheard. They have become smart, intelligent, aware, educated and independent. But, most people think that independent women can’t make amazing wives.

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