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Reasons you should date someone who travels

If you are looking to date someone, date someone who loves travelling. Besides the countless travel benefits, they will bring out a better version of you.

Dating By Himanshu Sharma / Dec 01, 2016

Discover your other side

Travel gives you a perspective you would not have known. When you travel, you see the world from hundreds of new viewpoints. Dating a traveller gives you a vagabond experience in which you are certain to make many discoveries - sometimes discovering your real self or the unknown side. Travel, adventure and the feeling of adrenaline rushing through veins will broaden your horizon. Image source : Getty

The real meaning of carpe diem

When you are with the one who loves to travel and explore, you will get an idea what it is like to ‘live in the moment’. You will see them stop and just enjoy the moment without worrying about the future or obsessing over the past. With them, you will venture into a new world and live many priceless experiences of life. One of the good reasons to date a traveller is to live your life to the fullest. Image source : Getty

Life-changing wisdom

Travel makes you wise. As you explore, you are constantly making decisions and solving problems. Moreover, you see new people and learn various new things from them. Once the explorer in you comes alive, you become wiser. Image source : Getty

Absorb rather than learn

You can read to learn new things, but travelling lets you absorb it all and experience it firsthand. It takes us closer to the lives of a hundred others, even if for a short while. It enriches you to appreciate the tinniest things that had once looked insignificant. Image source : Getty

The secret to mastering patience

You meet new people, see the unknown, and learn new cultures when you are with someone who has the travel bug. Many times you make mistakes, feel frustrated or can’t execute your plans. Sometimes, you have to settle for things or accept differences. All these things make you more patient. Image source : Getty



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