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Reasons why you shouldn’t Jump into a Relationship

The moment you realize that you are compatible with a person, the very next step that seems right is jumping into a relationship. But, wait! Are you really doing the right thing?

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Nov 07, 2014

Take it Slow!

You two clicked on the very first date and all the consecutive dates have not been any less exciting. You have been together for some time now and compatibility is at its peak. This is when either of you might just pop up the three magical words. But, wait! Are you sure that the other person feels the same about you? Just like this, there are several other things which you must be sure about before confessing your love. There is a correct time for everything. So, here we give you reasons why you should not rush into saying those three words.

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You will Kill the Excitement

The honeymoon period of a relationship is the best phase and once you get serious, the excitement level starts dropping. Their one touch gives you goosebumps, you long to see their face all day and you think you could spend all night talking over the phone. But, the moment you say `I love you’ you burn down all these exciting feelings.

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You Look Obsessed

When you make a move without knowing the feelings of the other person, you are at risk of making a fool out of yourself. You may look an obsessive, possessive, desperate fool who only has an aim to have a girlfriend/boyfriend in life.

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You Cease to See the Reality

There is a very fine line between infatuation and love and to rub off this line you must first be sure about the feelings of the other person. By confessing your love, you might force upon your mind that you are in love with them and this will prevent you from noticing reality.

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You may be Heart-Broken

Even if they are in love with you, they may get commitment phobic. In a scenario like this, if you make a move it will put your partner in dilemma and you may also end up losing them forever.

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You will Ruin your Chance

This usually happens with men. They can easily get attracted to a girl and then mistake infatuation with love. They will not give a second thought before confessing. But, the fact is that the woman is still judging each move of yours and when you come up with something like `I love you’, you lose your chances of being with her completely.

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Gestures can be Deceptive too

If you were being chivalrous on your first date, the chances are that your date's courteous behaviour gave you the wrong signals. So, before you take a step further it is important for you to spend some more time with them and be sure that what you see is the truth.

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The Relationship may be a Disaster

It is possible for you to receive a positive response for confessing your feelings. But, you must be aware of the fact that just like you even they might not be sure about their feelings. This will cook a half-baked relationship leading to countless troubles.

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