Reasons why you should start your day with a cup of hot lemon water

Jun 05, 2017

  • 1

    It helps you detox

    Although lemons may seem quite acidic but they a rich source of an alkaline food that can help balance your body’s pH. Besides, drinking hot lemon water everyday helps flush out nasty toxins out of your system.

  • 2

    It stimulates your digestive tract

    Consumption of hot lemon water everyday helps stimulate your gastrointestinal tract, thus, it improves your body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients and minerals all day and help food pass through your system with no difficulty.

  • 3

    It helps in weight loss

    Pectin, a soluble fiber present in lemon juice helps in weight loss. If you want to lose weight, sipping on a cup of hot lemon water instead of a cup of tea loaded with sugar will be a better choice.

  • 4

    It soothes an upset tummy

    Hitting sack with a full stomach, may cause you to have heartburn or a bloated belly the next morning. Drink hot water mixed with lemon juice to cleanse your system to reduce acidity in your stomach. Image source : Getty