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Reasons Why Obesity Affects Mens Sex Life

Obesity causes many health problems in men as well as women and one of the most common problems that obesity causes for men is a degrading sex life.

Snr By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Feb 15, 2014


Everyone knows the fact that obesity can be very harmful for your health. It can be even more hazardous for men as it can take a toll on their sex life. Here are some reasons why it can affects your sexual health.

Erectile dysfunction

Obesity can gradually kill your sex life as men who are obese are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction (ED). The more weight a man puts on the more chances of ED. However, losing weight can help improve the erectile function.


Another common harmful effect of obesity on a man's sex life is the reduction in testosterone levels. While low testosterone levels can affect muscle function and heart health, it can also lead to loss of desire.


Apart from other health problems, obesity has also been linked to low sperm counts and reduced sperm motility, both of which can make a man less fertile. Start losing weight before obesity starts taking toll on your obesity.

Less Pleasure

Obesity can also lead to poor sexual stimulation. Obesity results in poor blood supply to the important organs which can also reduce the sexual pleasure. A man is more likely to enjoy sex more when fit than when overweight.

Lack of Drive

Lack of sex drive can be another hazardous result of obesity. While it may be a situational problem for some slightly overweight men, too much obese men may experience it all the time.


Often fall asleep as soon as you hit the bed? It's time to lose some weight. Obese men are more likely to feel tired. Tiredness is a common sex drive kille and it can also ruin a healthy relationship. Keep a check on your weight if you want to have a healthy sex life.

Kidney stones

Obese men are more likely to develop kidney stones, which are typically very painful. Kidney stones can be a bad news for your overall health as well as your sex life.

Prostate cancer

Obesity can also change the metabolism of sex hormones which can lead to prostate cancer. Extra body fat can increase the risk of developing tye cancer which can be a bad news for the sex life.

Body Image

Body image plays a vital role in your sex life. Obesity gives you a poor body image that makes you avoid sex as you don't want your partner to see you naked. Lose weight before it's too late as being obese for long can even lower your self esteem.


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