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The Walter Mitty Act: Why letting your mind to wander is good for you

We often face criticism when we let our minds wander, but the truth is a little different than this. Allowing your mind to wander could be great for you. Here's how.

Mental Health By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Jul 03, 2014

Dream Song

Letting your mind drift away could land you in trouble at school for sure, but apparently it is a good habit to inculcate. Yes, given the fact that we hardly even stop to use our mind to think anymore, it is no surprise that letting your mind to wander can be surprisingly good for you. Forget good, it could be awesome! Even studies have been conducted on this regard, and it is said that letting your mind wander could make your brain process more thoughts than you usually would when concentrating. Here, take a look at some of the most interesting reasons for you to let go of your mind. Remember Walter Mitty? Do you have an amazing life too?

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Creative Thinking

What do you think Albert Einstein was up to below an apple tree? He was just sitting and chilling the old way, by letting his mind to wander. When you let your mind wander do you actually let your creative juices flow. A mind which is chained by limited thoughts and ideas can never produce something new and creative. Yes, at first it may seem like a crazy idea, but the best ideas are always crazy at first.

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Thoughts of Future

Most of these mind wandering happens because we are busy thinking of the future. We are always contemplating what is going to happen tomorrow. While thinking of the future, we are also letting the best ideas to take shape, everything about the future can be taken care of or planned if you can let your mind wander. Pondering on future events could have a very dramatic effect on our lives for sure.

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Curiousity made the Cat Wise

Did you hear the story of the curious cat who did not get killed, but instead grew old to be a wise animal? Yes, curiousity is a great thing, but as long as you do not put yourself on dangerous lines. Being curious about the world is definitely a good thing, especially for children. Only when you are curious will you know why so and so happens, and you cannot be curious if you do not let your mind wander.

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You will be Broad Minded

Compare yourself to your office gossipmonger. That person has nothing better to think of or to do, and hence all he or she ever does is wander about people's affairs. While when you let your mind wander far and wide, you will make yourself more broad minded, and you will think of things better and more interesting rather than narrow and futile.

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Could Enhance your Memory

Apart from making the mind so beautifully fictional, letting your mind wander can also sharpen your memories that you already have. American Psychologists Association says that self imagination could be a very effective way to recall information. This could result in your imagination to help your memory to come back. This is great news for those who have had experienced some sort of brain injury earlier.

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Self Discovery

Imagination always starts with an idea, and this idea hold every potential to show you a world of oppotunities. It is believed by psychologists that individuals who have realised their potential completely tend to go through their ability to imagine such possibilities first. Therefore, you will know what lies inside your heart.

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No More Boredom

Here is another catastrophe averted! If you wish to save yourself from boredom then well, letting your mind wander could be the best idea. You can create anything with your mind, and you can be anyone. You can climb any mountain and sail any sea, you can also be a king or whatever that you want to be! Take a break whenever you get bored and let your mind wander, you will soon realise that the possibilities are endless.

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