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Reasons why Being Single is the Best Phase of your Life

When you are single and see all happy couples around you, you feel that you are going through a miserable stage in life. However, being single could be the best part your life if you know these secrets.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Aug 16, 2014

Why Flying Alone is Better?

No matter how sudden or gradual your breakup is, it will definitely make you feel as if loneliness is your ultimate destiny. Each time you see yourself surrounded by couples who are having a happy time together, you curse yourself for not being able to hold on to the most precious person you had. However, reality is quite different from your dreamy sobbing world.  Being able to stay independent and away from the stresses of a relationship can boost your happiness levels manifold. Here are few more reasons why flying high alone is always a better option than being in a relationship.

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A lot of Time for Yourself

Once you have no one associated with you, you can have all the time to yourself. Spending evenings in the gym instead of a romantic lounge can help you build a better body. Besides, you can give your career the time it had been longing for.

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Freedom from Answerability

When you are single, you are free to do whatever you want to do and whenever you want to do it. No more answering anyone for your late night wake hours or for a casual drinking session with your friends.

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Guilt-free Outings

There is an undefined reason that makes you or your partner feel jealous of the other person going out for a fun time with friends. But when you are single, you know what to do next.

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Start a New Hobby

The best part about being single is that no one else has the right over your time. This can let you have sufficient time for yourself which you can utilize for developing new hobbies.

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Dating as many as you Want to

Being single gives you an opportunity to date as many people as you want to. This lets you have a clear idea about the personality traits of your perfect soul mate.

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Your Facebook Account is all Yours

A wrong post, an offensive photo, or a sly comment can land you in deep trouble if your partner discovers it. But, this is no such problem when you are single. You do not have to think twice about updating a damn status.

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No More Stalking

Each time you log in to your social networking profile, you no more have to stalk someone else’s profile. No more of constantly checking if your partner’s ex still likes his/her photos. You can invest that time chatting with new people and making new friends.

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No More Long Hours on Phone

The endless hours on the phone and consequently a hefty bill are repercussions of being in a relationship. But, when you are single you save a lot of time and money.

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No More Forced Socializing

When you are involved with a person, the onus lies on your shoulders to socialize with your partner’s friends and family too. There are very high chances that this group of friends may not be the kind you like to gel with. That, however, is none of your concern when you are single.

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Lot of Money

Being in a relationship can cost you a lot, quite literally. Romantic dinners, vacations, gifts, and various occasions demand a lot of money. But, when you are single are free from all these boundations. You have the money all to yourself.

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