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Reasons why Dating an Older Person is Not Bad at all

Dating an older person may not seem like a great idea for many people because most of them have only thought about its darker side. But, the fact is that there are many other benefits that you may gain by dating an older person.

Dating By Vasudha BhatDec 16, 2014

The Benefits

Dating people who are older than you can make you feel weird. In fact, for some people even the thought of dating someone older to them can be a nightmarish experience. And, when some people do manage to have some courage and be in a romantic relationship with an older person they usually end up questioning their decision. But, it isn’t all that dark as it may seem to be. If you open your eyes and face the reality, you might discover some astonishing facts that will eventually make you love what you have. Dating someone older than you has many pleasant experiences which may not be known to you. Here are some of them.

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Will Listen Patiently

Many people who date partners of the same age or younger often complain of communication issues in the relationship. A younger partner will be impulsive thus, they would avoid getting into any sort of serious conversation. But, this won’t be the case when you date someone older than you. Not only will they be a good communicator they will also pay complete attention to what you have to say.

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Will be Full of Experiences

The best thing about dating someone older to you is that they would not run away from your troubles because at some point of life they would also have been through the same thing. They can empathize with you and with their experience they can help you come out of the situation. Whatever challenge you have in life, they will surely help you through because they would know what you need the most.

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Will not be Jealous or Controlling

Again, everything boils down to the vast experience that they have gained in life. They would have surely worked through or must have at least tried to work through most of their issues in life. Unlike a younger partner, your mature partner will not try to control a situation or be jealous. A matured person will not have a problem if you talk to a friend of the opposite sex, which is a common problem young couples face.

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Will Love you for What you are

A grown up person will have outgrown feelings like physical perfection. They would not mind the way you look or how you carry yourself. Most importantly if you are a person who likes to have some alone time, that would not be possible if your partner does not understand your desire. But, when you date someone who is old and matured, they would happily give you your space without having a panic attack for not spending time with them.

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Will Not be Pushing

There are times when you need someone to take care of yourself and then there are times when you want people to leave you independent sorting out issues in your life on your own. This equilibrium can be achieved very easily when you date a matured person. Even if you did not seek their help in one tough condition, they would not abandon you in another difficult situation. You will be supportive towards each other and at the same time they will allow you to be what you are.

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Will Take Responsible Career Decisions

Young people make career decisions in haste. Thus, they are unable to make a stable career or run a company. Your young partner may run after immaterial things in their career but if you date someone matured they would be done with this phase of life. Thus, you would not have to go through a tough career struggle. Knowing how to keep a job and efficiently managing personal and professional life is an art which only people with experience can perform.

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Will not Blow Things out of Proportion

At your age it may be fine to make impulsive decisions and blow things out of proportion and when you have a partner who is your age, they might also react exactly in the way you do. This could lead to fights and even the end of a relationship. However, this wouldn’t happen when you date an older person. They would not only have their life decisions sorted but they would also give you time to grow by patiently dealing with your situations. They yell at you or point out how childish you have been behaving. They would treat you just the way you wish to be treated.

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