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Reasons We Want do College All Over Again

If you are given a choice to go back to college, you would be more than happy for that choice. Here is why all of us want to go back to college.

Mental Health By Himanshu Sharma / Jun 01, 2014

Why we all want to go back to college

If you are given a choice to go back to college, would you? Many would start wondering with a mere thought of it. You won’t think about those thousand exam papers but the memories you made there and always keep close to your heart. Here is why all of us want to go back to college. (Image source:Getty)

Revisit all those cherished memories

Memories are always special. We laugh by remembering the days we cried, and we cry by remembering the days that we laughed. Such are the days of college. (Image source:Getty)

Happy days

College is more than getting a good education and making a career. College is about making memories and good times that will last forever. Once you’ve passed college, you would often think of the happy times you were once a part of. (Image source:Getty)

Endless exciting possibilities

College is a world of exciting possibilities. When you are there, you can be anything, from a political leader to a sports-person, a painter, a theatre actor or a bit of everything. Where else will you get the chance to be anything and everything. (Image source:Getty)

The company of Like-Minded People

There are plenty of potential friends. What do you enjoy experiencing with others? You have people around who share the same interests as you or those with whom you have much in common. (Image source:Getty)

That group of friends

Those guys were your family! You miss that group of friends with whom you’ve shared endless laughs. Once you step out of the college gates, it is not that easy to get hold of the group. After passing out college, you have to plan it – get-together or reunions. (Image source:Getty)

College parties

There is nothing that can beat parties at college. They are insane! Be it a fresher’s party, a weekend party or graduation. You'll never forget what happened on that day. Those are the best days you reminisce often. (Image source:Getty)

Cheering for your college team

You may not be much of a sports person, but you will not sit back at home and get behind your college team in inter-college sports tournaments- cheering, jumping up and down surrounded by hundreds screaming to lift spirits of your college’s team. (Image source:Getty)


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