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Organic v/s chemical: Reasons why you must switch to natural cosmetics

Women who are already conscious about their looks have turned to organic beauty products in order to ensure safety and more pocket-friendly fashion.

Fashion & Beauty By Vasudha Bhat / Aug 14, 2014

Switch now!

If staying in trend is your lifeline, you must know that the latest craze in the field of beauty and personal care is natural cosmetics. Going green with their beauty products is what women seek these days. So, why have women started preferring more natural cosmetics? Here we give you some advantages of organic cosmetics over their chemical counterparts so that you can also make the switch soon.

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It’s completely natural

Although this goes without saying, staying aware is still always a good option. Standing true to their name, green cosmetics or organic cosmetics are 100 percent natural which means that the ingredients used to make them are absolutely non-chemical and therefore, safe.

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Good for all skin types and safe to use

Almost all women spend hours at the cosmetic store to choose the best suited product for themselves and according to their skin type. But, with natural cosmetics you can let that worry take a back seat. You no more have to worry about your dark complexion or oily skin. Organic cosmetics are appropriate for all skin types and tones. When compared with synthetically-made beauty products, natural cosmetics are much safer to use. They are hypo-allergenic and tested and proven by dermatologists to be used anytime.

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Organic products are inexpensive. In fact, they are much cheaper than the ones that have chemicals in them. So, if your wide range of cosmetics is burning a hole in your pocket, it’s time to switch to organic cosmetics.

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No side-effects

Chemical-based beauty products can put you at a high risk of skin allergies. Synthetically-made cosmetics can block your pores and leave your skin dry or oily. But, with natural cosmetics you can stay absolutely safe.

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No animal testing

A peaceful existence with fellow beings is what humans must ensure. But, with the use of chemical make up products we defy this belief. Some unnatural cosmetics are first tested on animals to ensure their safety and effective use. But, with natural cosmetics you can be sure that no animals have been harmed during the process of manufacturing.

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