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Reasons she doesn't Wanna have Sex

If you are wondering what is the reason for your lady to stay away from love making, then take a look here. These are some pretty valid points!

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Feb 25, 2014

Why is she being Weird?

You are in the mood for some sweet loving, but she is not showing any signs. The day has turned into night, or may be days are turning into nights! You are doing everything, from the soft touch to the slight brush, but she is just not interested! May be for some of you, it was wild and hot sometime back and now it is a long dry spell, while for others it never did happen! Yes it is very difficult when you are fantasizing about her physical attributes, about the nape of her neck and the great wide back of her body, but no, you cannot touch it yet. Why? Why is it that she does not want to have sex with you? Stop wondering, and begin reading now!

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She isn’t Sure

If she is denying having sex with you then one reasonable explanation could be that she is not sure about you. Now face the facts bud, you are not really giving her butterflies in her stomach and you are not really the guy she wants. The sad part is that she does not even want to sleep with you for the fun of it, forget about being with you. So you can back off with the bit of pride left.

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She is Angry at you

She is not in the mood for some loving because she is angry with you and most women cannot get intimate with a man they are angry with, so stop pestering her. There are chances that your woman is so mad at you she doesn’t even want to tell you what it is all about. You are wondering why she doesn’t want to have sex, because you do not even know that she is angry! The best thing to do is to talk to her, so get to that part which will be followed by some super crazy make-up sex.

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She likes it slow

Chances are that she will only let you peck her on the third date and that long awaited kiss is on completing two months. Yes, she likes to take it slow. You see some women like to make sure about the men they are dating and so they wait and see if he can wait. The reason is that most men jump to the sex bit and then get bored once there is no more excitement. So you can expect sex on your first anniversary may be, or after you get engaged. All the best to you!

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She is Menstruating

Look here now young man. We do not know which planet you come from, but chances are that she is an earthling who likes it sane. She does not want to have sex when she is menstruating, most women do not! Also, remember that it is a very uncomfortable time for her already so you may want to support her and make her feel better. Constant nagging for sex can make her hate you!

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She does not feel Sexy

This is a psychological problem and it is a valid one. Women no matter how insanely hot they are can have these weird assumptions about themselves, and your girl could be living under this impression. Some women tend to think that they aren’t sexy enough for bed and that may stop them. Or in some other cases they simply are not in the mood for it, so shut it! One good way to tackle the first problem is to making her realise how pretty and sexy she is, and the second problem has no solution.

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She is no Longer Attracted

Here is a bad news for you, and you should be man enough to take it. Most relationships reach that stage when the boy and girls start to get bored and that is what is happening here in your case! She does not want to have sex with you because she is no longer attracted to you or your bulging biceps. They do not mean anything to her anymore. Chances are that she is fantasizing about someone new, or she is simply bored out of her minds.

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She does not like Sex

Yes, we know. This is when you run the other way. What can you do now, fate plays cruel games upon men from time to time, and this time you are the chosen one. She may have had it with you a few times in the beginning, but that was just to keep you interested. Now it is no more the same. She has you as her boyfriend and she simply does not care if you want to make love. She does not like sex man!

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She is Dating Someone Else

Behind your back, while you are asleep she is busy playing another life. In that life she is playing another guy, who probably is a lot more handsome and charming than you. Truth bro! She is probably dating someone else and giving him the loving of his lifetime. You can sit and weep or find out about it all and move on for someone new! The important thing here is to be sure about it before blaming her, so put on that hat now Sherlock!

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She doesn’t even know you

Hey! Hollywood definitely has distorted our views on dating and sex but she doesn’t even know you that well! Stop mourning about she saying no to sex now, if she does not know you that well, she will not give in! Not unless it is a one night stand, which is rare, and chances are that you may have to pay her the next morning. So, be careful about what you are up to. If she is a normal girl then she would like to know you well.

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She doubts your Capability

This one may be a bit hard for you to digest. She probably knows that nothing will come out of the love making. She will just have to go through the ordeal of sex with a lot of faking moans and groans and finally a fake orgasm. Forget orgasm, she probably doesn’t even feel the slightest pleasure of sexual love with you. You are either very bad, or you are inconsiderate. Now go figure.

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She is an Alien

This is the last and final reason that we have coughed up for you. We brainstormed and thought that if all of these reasoning are null and void for your case then she has to be an alien. Report her to NASA, you may get an award for bravery, or better still you may get to visit Mars. She has to be an alien who does not know the road to human pleasure, and while you have the chance click a picture and keep it as a souvenir! You lucky man.

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