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Ways to quit smoking cigarettes

Tobacco is a polluted weed, which surely you don’t need! Records show that 9 lakh Indians die every year- courtesy smoking. Enough reasons to make your choice? Follow on to know how.

Cancer By Sharanya Manola / Feb 07, 2011

Quit playing games with your lung

Think about some of the most difficult things you have done in your life and this could be anything, for instance cracking a job interview, giving an entrance after a bout of fever, rock climbing despite your fear of height, white-water rafting despite your unsurmountable fear of water, etc. Quitting is quite an easy thing to do and you know it's just a mindset. If you want to battle it out with the butt, you can.

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Replace cigarettes with mints

One of the tried and tested ways to quit smoking is to find something to replace it. Keep gums and mints handy. Cravings can occur frequently during the first few days after one stops smoking. Beat this craving and you'll be marching towards a better, smoke-free life.

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Trash your smoke (material) buddies

Toss all your cigarettes and related items in garbage. Including matches, ash trays, lighters, rolling papers, cigars, hookahs, logo clothing- discard anything to do with smoking. This will give a burden-free feeling and will help in doing away with all kinds of negative energy.

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Set a goal

Set an achievable goal for yourself. We emphasise upon achievable goal because it will be impossible for you to quit in a week's time, especially if you're a chain smoker. Start off with a gradual reduction plan. Tailor the plan in a way that it doesn't rubbish your determination.

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Say this: I am a non-smoker

For you to dissociate your being with a cigarette, you will have to tell yourself, every day that you're a non-smoker. Fill your mind with positivity and make your way into the smoke-free zone.

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Keep it going

Some quitters get back smoking due to temptation and persistent nicotine carving. Researchers suggest that smokers who quit are at greater risk of relapsing in the first three months of becoming smoke-free. So, if you get through the difficult first three months, you've achieved your goal.

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Inform your social circle

Some people smoke while drinking, and if you're one of them you must let your social circle know about your plans. Let your colleagues know that you can't take cigarette breaks with them or that you can't drive them to work if they plan to smoke. You'll have to firm without hurting them. 

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