Reasons for Going Bald

Feb 07, 2011

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    Factors for Baldness

    Reasons for going bald can vary- it can be with the passion for fashion or either by desire, necessity or by simple ageing- or it can also be because of your gender. Yes, Male tend to bald much faster than females, this doesnot mean that women are secured against it!


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    Improve your Diet

    Lack of protein or iron can impact your hair growth resulting into speedy hair loss. Drastic dieting and eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia are also known to cause hair loss. It is always advisable to go for protein-iron rich diet.


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    Baldness with Age

    Age can also cause baldness by its effects on hormones and the weakening of immune system. One can always protect the hair loss by caring and looking after them properly. But remember, sometimes age can give you a permanent baldness if your hair follicles die.


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    Go for Correct Hairstyle

    Tight braids and ponytails can make your hair fall easily. If the scalp is very tight, blood circulation to the follicles is reduced, further resulting in hair loss. If this happens, it's best to choose a hairstyle that puts less pressure on hair roots.

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    Beware for Birth Control Pills

    Excessive use of birth control pills by women at young age may result in hair loss. The hormonal changes brought by birth control pills can cause the onset of Androgenic alopecia (a condition which is caused by hormonal imbalances resulting in female hair loss).


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    Blame the Medicines

    Some medications can also cause hair loss and premature baldness. Chemotherapy is well renowned for causing hair loss and baldness. Infections of the scalp, scarlet fever, and typhoid fever are also likely to cause hair loss.