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Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Clicking the Post Button on Facebook

You must save yourself the embarrassment of becoming a laughing stock amongst your Facebook friends by posting a mindless status.

Mental Health By Vasudha Bhat / Mar 20, 2014

Save Yourself the Embarrassment

The social networking site Facebook holds a significant part in approximately 700 million people’s lives across the globe. Facebook has come up with applications which have helped people to stay connected at any time of the day from whichever place they are at. With status updates, photograph sharing, check-in options, people have been able to make their personal life completely public through Facebook.
But everything has its pros and cons. While you are updating your status there are chances that you may make a fool out of yourself. But that is not something you wish for. So, here are few questions you must ask yourself before updating your Facebook status which might help you save the embarrassment.

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What is the Motive Behind Updating This Status?

When you ask this question to yourself, you will be able to comprehend what you must say and what you mustn’t.

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Will This Hold Any Importance After a Month?

You must know that there are millions of people active on the site sharing their experiences. This creates a lot clutter on the digital platform. If you are updating a status out of boredom, don’t do it. You must ask yourself if you are bored or not before clicking the post button. The status which you are updating right now may not hold any importance one month later.

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Am I Being Wise?

Save yourself the embarrassment by asking this question beforehand. Remember, you are going on a social platform where many of your friends and acquaintances will see what’s on your mind. If you opt for going a mindless status, you may end up becoming a laughing stock amongst many.

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Is it Necessary?

Ask yourself whether the status which you are going to post actually holds any air. You must think twice about the necessity of the status which you soon plan to post.

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Does This Interest Everybody?

If the motive of your status is to address a single person, an appropriate way would be sending a personal message. Before you update your status you must ask this question to yourself because it may irritate your friends in the list to have something on their wall which does not interest them.

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Is My Status Engaging Enough?

Sometimes you may like to update status messages which are declarative in nature and do not encourage a conversation. You must not do that frequent. Instead, try updating statuses which invite opinions and engages all your friends in the list.

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How Does That Sound?

You must know the exact tone of your status before updating it. It plays a very significant role in making sure that you are not doing a character assassination.

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Is This Status Concise Enough?

If you are writing long status messages, there are chances that people find no interest in reading them. There can be times when people are in a rush to scroll through their walls on Facebook and looking at your long status may not interest them. Keep your status short and ask yourself this question before posting it.

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Could I Be Doing Something Wiser Than This?

For people who have a habit of posting everything on their Facebook account, you must ask yourself this question. It is good to share your happiness but there should be a limit to it. Ask yourself if there was anything wiser that you should have been doing instead of sitting before your laptop and updating a status and surely you will find a lot of stuff which was left undone.

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Am I Being Truthful?

Facebook gives you a platform where everybody you want to connect with is just a click away. But you mustn’t take undue advantage of that. You should make sure that are you being truthful to the public.

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