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Questions you Must ask your Partner for a Stronger Bond

Even people who acquire the best of communication skills can sometimes forget to express their love. So, now is when the need for asking the right questions arises and here are some questions you must ask.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Aug 29, 2014

Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time

When it feels like forever that you have been with a person it so happens that you start losing interest in digging deep to know about your partner’s preferences and their dislikes and, this is when your relationship starts losing the stability. But, by asking the right questions at the right time you can save the spark from fading out. These 7 questions can help you know what your partner desires and what you must give them to keep your relationship going.

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"How Can I Help You?’’

Surely your partner has mastered the art of doing whatever they have been doing but, whenever you have some spare moments you can utilize them to express a loving gesture. Be it personal or professional, we have tasks to accomplish that seem to be never-ending. In such situations, offering a helping hand would make your partner feel grateful and more loving towards you.

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"How do I Show My Feelings for You?’’

It may be true that even after all these years your love and admiration for your partner is fresh in your heart and you would never skip telling them those three magical words. But, have you ever considered that your partner may be looking for something different to feel that you are still in love with them? Talk to them about this and try to learn the ways in which they want you to express your love for them.

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"Is there Something in Me that you would Like to Change?"

Consciously or sometimes sub-consciously, you might end up making your partner uncomfortable with your actions but, it may not be so displeasing for them to share it with you. If you ask them this question, it could make them happy and make you avoid a small mistake from turning into a big issue.

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"Is there a Place that you would Like to Visit?"

You may be planning a vacation together and the destination may be one of the most sought-after tourist places but, did you care enough to ask your partner about their choice? This question will make you see a genuine smile on their face and even if this wasn’t the destination they wanted to travel to, your sweet gesture will make them let go off their preferences.

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"What is it about our Togetherness that Makes you Happy?"

Even if your partner has been feeling low thinking about the relationship this question will make them recall all the happy and joyous moments the relationship has given them. And, who knows it may just spark the fire again.

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"Is there Anything that can Make you Feel More Loved?"

This question will surely leave them speechless for a moment. Even if they think that your relationship is in its best phase, asking this question will make them think of something that can make them share a stronger bond with you.

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"Is there Something you would Like to do Together that we have not Done Before?

This will make them think of some exciting stuff that you haven’t done yet. The things they would come up with can surely get you closer and would fill your life with thrilling moments.

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