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Puberty and Growing Up in Boys

Puberty is a time that strikes a lot of questions upon young minds. It is important for parents to understand what their boy is going through during this time and help them accordingly.

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Feb 12, 2014

Path to Becoming a Man

Puberty is a time for questions; it is the time to seek answers. Young boys are now showing first signs of being men, there is a slight hair growth on the face, the adult film poster gives an eerie feeling, the male genital at times happen to grow bigger and a boy is threatened. He is at the threshold of an exit gate which would deliver his innocent self into a new world. It is important to understand these feelings and changes in the body, because puberty is a difficult time.

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The Beginning

Puberty hits a boy ideally when he hits the age of ten or twelve. But there could be variations to this rule, and so boys could hit puberty sooner or later. Generally it is found that boys hit their puberty a little later than girls. The changes that are experienced can be blamed onto the release of different hormones. Hormones are chemicals that cause changes in our body.

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Voice Change

You will notice that your boy’s voice is beginning to change and it could sound hoarse from time to time. This sudden voice change could be a little embarrassing, but it is perfectly normal. Also, there is nothing to be alarmed about when this happens. Good news is that with time a boy’s voice will become deeper and lower sans all the cracks.

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Body Odour

Puberty gives its entry with a strange body odour and this is only normal. The best way to deal with this is to use deodorant and to take a shower on daily basis with a good smelling soap. This is also the time when boys stay physically active by staying outdoors and playing games. Therefore this body odour can be really irritating, it is best to take care of it before it starts to set in.

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Hair Growth

Boys begin to have hair growth everywhere on their body. This is one of the clearest indicators of hitting puberty. Body hairs most prominently show as moustache, chin hairs, and hair in the genitals. Also, hair would slowly begin to show in the other body parts with time. Well, this is not yet the time to start shaving so your boy can wait for a few more years.

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A teenage boy riding on puberty is most susceptible to having crushes; the most stereotyped victim is the lady teacher who ruffles his hair. Parents will find that there are behaviourial changes that their boy is going through. There could be major changes in a boy’s mood and personality. They may become more and more secretive with time. It’s normal.

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Change in Mood

Puberty is also the time when a boy may go through changes in his mood. Teens may be want to go against everything that they are told to do, and will usually have a rebellious attitude. This kind of attitude is normal and parents will have to deal with it carefully, they must remember that growing up years make boys more sensitive and emotional. They can pursue some hobby that would make them feel stress free.

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A boy who has hit puberty can have many erections in a day’s time. This happens when the penis fills up with blood and finally hardens. They are perfectly normal and nothing to worry about and they can happen at any time. The occurrence of erection happens according to one’s age, sexual maturity, level of activity and even the amount of sleep that a boy gets.

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Wet Dream

During puberty many boys have erotic dreams and this is also when the penis gets hard. This leads to ejaculation which means spurting sperm, and this is normal. It is definitely very embarrassing to get one’s bed wet with semen, but rest assured that it is normal. Such dreams and incidents will reduce as one begins to grow older.

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Males get sexually excited with erotic thoughts that lead to wet dreams and later they begin to masturbate. When this happens then the penis gets filled with blood and goes hard and that causes an erection. The sticky liquid that spurts out at the peak of excitement is known as sperm or semen and this is known as ejaculation.

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Puberty Confusion

Puberty can definitely be a confusing time for every boy and one must be guided with the help of parents and elders. Growing up years are the formative years for any person and a lot that happens during this time has a lasting effect on a boy.

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