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Protect your eyes this winter

Winter protection for many people means wearing extra layers of clothes and applying extra moisturizer. But, what most people forget is that besides their skin, their eyes also have to face the wrath of harsh winter conditions.

Fashion & Beauty By Vasudha Bhat / Nov 13, 2014

The Winter Protection

As winter months approach we make every possible effort to protect ourselves from the harsh climate. Our body needs more layers of clothes and our skin needs more layers of moisturizer. But, aren’t we forgetting something? Yes, the eyes, which can be easily irritated during winters.

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The Damage Winters Cause

Dry and harsh air which blows during winter can act as an irritant that can cause burning sensation, itchiness and blurry vision in the eyes. Thankfully, there are some habits that you can follow to protect your eyes this winter. Here are some of them.

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Wear Sunglasses

You need to break the stereotype that sunglasses are only fit for summers. Wear polarized sunglasses with 100 percent UV protection whenever you step out of the house in winters to prevent cold and dry air from entering the eyes.

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Use Humidifier or Lubricating Drops

The irritation caused by dry and cold air outside and from indoor heaters can remove all the moisture from your eyes. This can cause burning sensation and blurred vision. Use eye drops to give your eyes the missing moisture and avoid facing the heating vents directly.

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Drink Water

This is the golden rule to keep your body fit overall in any season. When you drink plenty of water it will help your eyes to fight the windy conditions outside without losing the moisture.

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Eat Fish

Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which can be very effective in fighting dry eye syndrome. Eat lots of tuna, salmon, anchovies and trout to have the essential oils.

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Do not Rub your Eyes

The dryness will tempt you to rub your eyes. But, that’s a habit you have to avoid in all seasons. Although seemingly it gives you relief from the itchiness, in reality it can make things worse.

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Take Frequent Break from Computers

If staring at computer screen is what your job demands, make sure you take more frequent breaks while at work. When you spend too much time looking at the computer screen it can make your eyes even more dry and irritated.

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Use Sunscreen for Eyes

Sunscreen for around the eyes can be found in almost all cosmetic counters. Try some of them and choose the one you think works best on your skin.

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