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Pros and Cons of Spicy Food

There is no problem in relishing spicy food if you know how it can affect your health. Once you know when to stop or hold back from indulging in your favourite food, you would do a great favour to your health. Spices usually get a bad name but the fa

Exercise & Fitness By Vatsal Anand / Jan 08, 2013

Spicy your Way to Lose Weight

Hot and spicy food may delight your taste buds, but they also help you lose weight. The compound called capsaicin increases the heat in your body leading to higher metabolism. It simply means that the process of calories burning increases. So, contrary to what you expected, having your favourite food can actually help you lose weight.

Watch out for Ulcer

If you thought losing weight would only require you to devour tons of spicy food, grow up. The point of having spices to lose weight only implies that you can increase your body heat, leading to higher metabolism and consequent weight loss. The flip side is that excessive spice eating increases the acid content in your abdomen and cause ulcer.

Give Chilly to your heart

You would never have thought that indulging your taste buds with the sharp sensation of chilly was actually helping your heart. That is true, besides chilly is also considered to be good for your immune system. Again, watch out for how much your body’s vital systems can withstand.

Bear Some Heat

It is well and good to try to improve your health with spices but be aware of the complications that arise due to excess heat. Spicy food can kill one’s appetite, cause hot flashes in women, and also lead to fever, nose bleeding and swelling of gum region. It is a taboo from some people such as pregnant woman and those who have haemorrhoids.

Decide on How to Have Spicy Delight

Don’t go, “Wow, I am gonna have as much paneer chilly as I like” and neither be fixated at “Spice can’t be any good for me” It is just that spices tend to increase your body heat and quicken up your metabolism. So, balance out your metabolism and body heat according to capacity.


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