Powerful Ways to Use Your Body Language for Better Relationships

Oct 17, 2014

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    The Unspoken Signs

    Don’t you recognise your partner’s look when she means you are in deep trouble? She didn’t say a word, yet you do. Your brain processes both verbal and nonverbal communication at the same time and notices when someone’s words don’t match their body language. Just a sigh, smile, frown, or tilt of the head could express a lot of emotions. These signs aren’t just an indication of our feelings, but they also depend on how we interact with each other and how they will be interpreted.

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    Bring up Conflicts

    Body language can often be misinterpreted which can cause conflict in a relationship. Like if partner is sharing a secret with you and you are frowning in concentration, they might misinterpret the frown as disapproval. A sarcastic tone while speaking to a lover may be taken defensively, even if the actual words are not necessary.

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    Cause Tension and Pain

    Even if the conversation is not misinterpreted, some body language signs can bring around an uncomfortable air in the relationship. If you are talking in a sarcastic tone with your partner, without actually using mean words, you partner can still feel you are making fun of them. Though it is unintentional, nonverbal communication can still cause tension and pain.

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    Increase Closeness

    The bad part is over. Good news is that if used properly, your body language can actually bring you and your partner closer. A warm gesture thrown their way when they are trying to apologize for something, a subtle touch while you two are discussing difficult things, a step forward while trying to explain something or a soft tone can actually complement the message you are trying to convey.

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    Enhance Understanding

    A message emphasized with a nonverbal sign can enhance understanding. If your significant other tells you they are fine with you going away for the weekend, but their voice is shaky and they are frowning, you might want to probe a bit further because these things tell you that there is something else going on with their feelings about your trip.

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    Mirror Talk

    If you are taller than your partner, putting your feet up or lacing your fingers behind your neck while having a conversation can increase your feelings of superiority. On the other hand, lower poses indicate defensiveness and resentfulness. In order to convey collaboration and cooperation, you must mirror your partner’s posture.

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    Mouth Watch

    You should watch your partner’s mouth to check for their true feelings about the conversation. A person’s brain sends a message to the lips and tongue to start shaping the sentiment, when they wish to say something. If your partner is puckering their lips, they’re expressing thoughts before even having a chance to come out with the words.

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    Palm Trust

    An open body language conveys trustworthiness to your partner; approach them with it. Point your feet towards your partner during your conversations, smile often and gesture with your palms showing.

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    Touchy Issues

    Every couple argues; it’s just the right approach with which the couples handle it that make or break a relationship. If you have had an argument, ease it with touch. A physical contact can literally strengthen the connection. When you touch your partner, levels of oxytocin hormone increase in both of your bodies which in turn increase the feelings of trust. Oxytocin also reduces levels of stress hormone, cortisol.

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