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Post pregnancy hidden emotions of a woman

Post pregnancy feelings or emotions, also known as Postpartum Depression & Anxiety in a woman. After pregnancy, a new mother goes through a whirlwind of emotions. Today we talk about those emotions and feelings.

Pregnancy By Namrata Dutta / Mar 08, 2016

The journey of motherhood

Journey of motherhood is surely a journey worth experiencing. A woman who is about to give birth to a child, goes through an amalgamation of emotions. However, this doesn’t end with pregnancy. After pregnancy, women tend to go through different emotions. Post pregnancy feelings are very annoying at times but women can’t help it.

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Over whelmed most of the time

A new mother is overwhelmed with all the new responsibilities that come in her way. She most probably will have doubt whether she would be able to do it or not, the constant feeling of doubt your decision of having a baby in the first place.

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Anxiety kicks in

Anxiety is one of the most common postpartum feelings of a woman Post pregnancy. Women go through severe anxiety issues. No motivation whatsoever, they feel less sleepy, tinge of despair is keeps haunting the mind of a new mother.

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Fearing everything

Fear is the most common emotion, prevalent in new mothers. Getting paranoid over something very petty to having cold feet over something complex is quite common post pregnancy.

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The nothingness

These are the times when a woman would not feel anything, would just stare blankly at a wall or will sit quietly with no thoughts at all. Women will feel empty and numb, don’t feel like eating anything.

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Happiness is there too

Well, most of the emotions are on the negative side yet there could be times when a woman could feel glee and joy over very simple things. Like seeing her child breast feed, giggle or cackle would give her immense joy.

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