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Places where you can Easily Approach a Woman

Approaching a woman has been a task for men since forever. The type of clothes you wear, your confidence and chivalry may all be sent to ruins if you are approaching a woman at the wrong place.

Dating By Vasudha BhatApr 05, 2014

Choose the Right Place

At times, despite the fact that you are the best looking man in the hall and your pick up lines are irresistible, women may still repel you. What you need to do is just look around and check the environment you are in. When it comes to wooing a woman, the place plays an important part. So, you must know the right place to approach women and let your magic sweep away ground beneath their feet.

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Bar is one of the most convenient places to approach a woman. If you spot a woman of your interest at a bar it becomes quite easy to break the ice. You can enter into a conversation by offering her to pay for her drink or just simply suggesting her best of cocktails available at the bar. Once you receive a positive response, the ball is in your court.

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Shopping Malls

Almost all women are shopaholics therefore the chances of you finding the one for you increase at a shopping mall. At clothing stores you can approach a woman by taking her advice on the next piece of outfit you are planning to buy. If things go in your favor, you can accompany her and tell her what looks good on her and help her pick a new dress.

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While you are picking up groceries at a supermarket and a gorgeous female comes your way, the easiest way to approach her is to just pick up an item and ask her if she has tried it before. The conversation can go on and you can advice her on the items she has picked.

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Art Galleries

If you have a thing for art loving females, then art galleries are the best place you can meet them.  The easiest way of breaking the ice at an art gallery is to appreciate the piece of art she has been staring at for quite a while. Discuss about your favorite painter and ask about her interests.

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While you are vacationing at a beautiful location you may come across a woman who you feel is irresistible. Here, you can approach the woman and ask her how her vacations are going on. Also, you can start a conversation by asking her where she hails from and continue the conversation based on that.

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Cookery Classes

Irrespective of the fact that we have aped the west to every extent, women still feel men who can cook are adorable. To realize that you can cook for them, they will automatically be attracted to you. All you need to do is just make a conversation with her and don’t forget that cookery class is a place where you have lots to talk about.

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Fitness is something which attracts both the genders and with the growing demand for fitness centers, many famous gymnasium chains now offer combined sessions for men and women. This gives you an opportunity to approach a woman and get to talk to her easily. If you see a woman struggling with her weighing machine, you can offer a helping hand. Give her advices and tell her what is good for her physical well being.

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Dance Classes

Dance classes give you an opportunity to get close to the woman you like. Try pairing yourself with her and impress her with your stylish moves.

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Wine Tasting Events

Wine tasting events can give you a chance to brush off your knowledge about classy things like wine. In events like these you will be surrounded by elegant and sophisticated females who will be more interested in an intellectual conversation. Show off some of your witty instincts and tell her about more classy restaurants around where you would like to take her.

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Social Networking Sites

Online dating has been the most trending things now-a-days. You can join communities where you know you will find females of your interest. You can get to know people who share your interests and enter into a conversation easily. When you see things falling in place, you can fix up a meeting and take things forward.

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