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Pep up Your Love Life with these Innovative Fun Date Ideas

Dinner dates with those perfect lightings and ambience may sound really romantic but they can take a toll on your love life when you have no innovations to introduce to your dates. Plan a fun date with your partner and add some zing to your love life

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Apr 11, 2014

Break the Monotony

Going out for a candle-lit dinner date followed by a sensuous dance number sounds romantic but at the same time is the most clichéd idea for a date. If going out on a date no more excites you, understand that there is something wrong with your planning. What you need to do here is introduce some excitement in your love life. Think of some out-of-the-box ideas to add some zing and kill the monotony.
Following are some ideas which will help you plan something which will be completely unexpected by your partner.

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Take a Bike Ride

Leave your car behind and go for an unusual ride on a bicycle. Head to a greener and quieter place where you can have a peaceful ride with your partner. Everything will seem to move slowly and this will give you enough time to share happiness.

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Cook Together

Instead of going out to have food, cook food at home. But do it differently this time. Turn your kitchen into a venue for your date. Help each other in the kitchen while cooking food. This will let you have a fun time while staying close to each other.

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If you are lucky enough to reside at a place where you can find snow around, there’s no better fun date idea than going out for skiing. At the end of the date, you can just relax sitting besides fire and a drink with your partner.

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Go Gaming

Treat each other as competitions in a gaming arcade. This will introduce some fun in your lives and at same time will give you an opportunity to do something different on a date. Decide for a prize which the winner will get from the tickets.

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Treasure Hunt

Pick a place which none of you have visited before. Mark the place on the map and spend the day locating the place. Both of you will definitely end up spending some enjoyable moments.

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Dinner Dates

Introduce some fun and newness to your dinner dates. Instead of spending you entire dinner date at one place, have your starters at a restaurant, head for the next place and have your main course there and finally for desserts visit a different restaurant. This will add some excitement to a boring dinner date.

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Take your Favourite Pets for A walk

If both of you are pet lovers then reach out for a pet shelter and take your favourite pet for a walk. This will help you share some childhood memories about your pets and you will get a chance to strengthen your bond with your partner.

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Visit a Comedy Club

Laughter is the medicine therefore, it can cure the monotony of your love life. Take your partner to comedy club where you can share laughter and have a nice time.

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Play a Board Game

A board game may sound boring in normal cases but when it comes to adding innovation to your dating ideas, it can prove to be real fun.

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Go Bowling

Irrespective of your knowledge of the game, you must take your partner for bowling. If you are good at it, you will have a nice time playing the game and if both of you are only beginners the funny bloopers you will make while learning the game will give you a good time.

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