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Pep up the Romance with Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is not widely known and people have various misconceptions about it. Here is a look into what it is and how it can pep up your romance!

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Mar 29, 2014

Tantric Love

The word Tantra is a Sanskrit word which means "woven together". Sexual union is used in Hindu meditation practitioners to weave together the physical and the spiritual. It does not mean that you will be engaged in intercourse for hours on end, it will weave the man and woman and connect them with their higher spiritual power that will have a divine end. Tantra teaches slow and non-orgasmic intercourse, and couples who practice tend to cultivate great sensual pleasure.

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Create the Environment

Tantric sex demands some preparations as you cannot focus on this beautiful experience of lovemaking in a dirty and random surrounding. Therefore, you must clear your room of all sorts of junk and burn an incense or spray a nice room spray that will allow you and your partner to get in the mood.

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Erotic Touch

Tantra teaches you to appreciate the feeling of sex, and therefore you must take things very slow. Take turns to stimulate each other and love each other with your loving touch. Share your desires and learn to appreciate and experiment, the word you are looking for here is erotica. Press play on erotica.

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Deep Intimacy

There is a need to be intimate when you are indulging in sex. By being intimate you will become aware of the love that is passing from one being to the other, and that is important. You will develop intimacy by looking deep into your partner's eyes and plant soft kisses on your partner. Make your partner feel loved.

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Massage Each Other

You can open up your partner's body and make him or her feel the heat of intimacy by massaging for long. and we really mean long. Massage your partner for a long time, all the while kissing, licking and making him or her feel your touch. Exchange pleasure.

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Keep it Slow

Tantric sex demands you to be slow and steady. A long and slow build up always helps men to control their orgasm and that is very important in tantra. The longer you build energy, the longer men can resist an ejaculation and therefore keeping it slow is of utmost importance.

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Breathe Well

Now this is the most important technique for tantric sex.By breathing heavy you are arousing yourself faster and this is why no quick and heavy breathing. Take slow and deep breaths from the belly and exhale gradually. Breathing is an extremely good technique to hold longer, so learn to breathe well.

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Vary the Positions

Changing sex positions add sexual pleasure and it also balances make and female energies. Explore the capacity of being strong, gentle, male-dominant and female-dominant, you ought to learn to be generous and receptive at the same time. It is the sum total of all the various sex postitions that allow you to have a lasting sexual experience.

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Rock your Partner

This is a very intimate form of love making wherein the woman needs to sit on the man's lap facing towards him. Then at first close your eyes and breathe gently and slowly rock your partner like a rocking chair. Then slowly stare into each others eyes and indulge in deep kiss all the while rocking away.

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Pay Attention

Tantric sex demands that you pay full attention to the act of sex and to your partner. For this you are required to sync your mind and body. Sex demands that you get involved with each other.

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Conscious Loving

Tantra teaches you the art of conscious loving, and it is by far one of the most pleasurable love making techniques to get indulged in. The truth however is that you need to wait for the results as there is nothing that can happen instantly, it will take some time for you to master the art of tantric sex.

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