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Pamper Yourself Take a Random Day Off From Work

Taking a random day off from work at short but regular intervals helps you rejuvenate and re-energize yourself which you fail to do on rest of the days.

Mental Health By Vasudha Bhat / Mar 12, 2014

Don't Think Twice

Most of us treat a random day off from work like a sin. We are worried about the loss of work or the questions that will be raised on our ability to handle our job responsibly. Amidst these worries we often tend to forget that our body and mind need some time out to relax and rejuvenate.

You dedicate your weekdays to your job and your weekends are already booked for the household chores which you cannot perform on other days. While managing between your personal and professional life, what you forget is to pamper yourself and give yourself the time which you deserve.

Apart from this, there are many other reasons, like the ones listed below,for which you must take a random day off from work.

Make Yourself Feel Special

A random off in the week will leave you with some time exclusively for yourself. You can spend that day at home with your favorite past-time and plan for the rest of your day. A random day-off must usually consist of leisure activities that make yourself feel special.

Breaking Up the Week

Working for 5-6 days at a stretch can get on to your nerves at times. Breaking up the week and a taking a day off can make your week appear much shorter and make you feel charged up.

Avoid the Crowd

On general weekends, just like you, everyone else is also out at restaurants, pubs and movie theatres for their recreation. But taking a day off on a weekday can get you traffic-less roads, lots of parking spaces and much less crowded restaurants.

Easy Availability of Your Favorite Place

On weekends, you may have to let go off a plan due to unavailability of space. And, if you want to make sure that you do make it to that place, you will have to make reservations well in advance. But if you have taken a random day off from work, such things will not pester you. You can go out to any of your favorite places and very conveniently get in there.

Time to Ponder Over Things

Your weekends are much more occupied than your weekends as you have very limited time to complete all your tasks which you cannot finish through the weekdays. However, on such days, when everyone else in their offices and busy with their jobs, you can have some time to ponder over things and introspect.

Re-Charge Yourself

A day off let’s you stay at peace and re-energize yourself. This gets you prepared for the coming days and helps you perform your role in a more efficient way.

There is No Time-Limitation

You can wake up whenever you want to. Eat, go out for a spa, exercise or do whatever you kept fancying all week long. There is no time limitation for anything.

You are Not Governed by Anyone

Over the weekends, you have to consider the likings of your friends and family too while planning the go-about.  But on a randomly chosen off-day, you can do whatever you want to. You can visit the places you like, you can watch movies of your own choice, or just sit back home and relax because there will be no one to command you or to alter your decisions.

It's Your Mental Health Day

Treat this day as your mental health day and give your mind some peace. Do not worry about your future and try to enjoy the present.

You Deserve It

Keep your well-being over and above everything else. You deserve to receive the best. Taking a random week off will cause no harm to you or to your work place. But if you keep treating yourself like a machine, it will surely harm your mental and physical health.


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