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Pain Management Causes of Posterior Neck Pain

Pain in the backside of the neck is referred to as posterior neck pain. There are many things that can cause neck pain – either acute or chronic.

Pain By Himanshu Sharma / Apr 03, 2014

Posterior Neck Pain

Most of us experience major shoulder and neck pain at least once in our lives. Pain in the backside of the neck is referred to as posterior neck pain. There are many things that can cause neck pain – either acute or chronic. The treatment option for posterior neck pain depends on the cause, ranging from simple rest to surgical interventions. (Image source:Getty)

Prolonged Work on Computers

Working for long hours on computers is the most common cause of posterior neck pain today. The risk of the neck trouble increases significantly when your computer screen is at a lower level than the eye and you flex the neck. (Image source:Getty)

Incorrect Sleep Positions

Bad sleeping position can give you neck pain besides a bad night’s sleep. Sleeping positions are as bad as an incorrect posture. If you often have sleep problems, try lying flat with a thin, soft pillow beneath the neck. If you sleep on your side, make sure that the height of the pillow should be enough to prevent lateral flexion. (Image source:Getty)


Whiplash injury such as during car accidents, road traffic injuries or joy rides in parks may cause neck jerk. Sometimes you experience stiffness and physical signs, but not always. Decreased deep tendon reflexes, fracture and dislocation are severe injuries that can cause posterior neck pain. (Image source:Getty)

Inflammatory Conditions

Inflammatory medical conditions such as cervical spondylitis with myelopathy, cervical spondylitis with radiculopathy can give rise neck pains. Pain induced by these conditions often accompanies weakness and wasting of the muscles. (Image source:Getty)

Cervical Disc Herniation

Disorders of the vertebrae of the neck such as cervical disc herniation can cause posterior neck and occipital region pain. It leads to the spinal root compression that can lead to pain in the region of a dermatome. (Image source:Getty)

Infective Causes

The infective causes for posterior neck pain are retropharyngeal abscess, mastoid abscess and tuberculosis of cervical vertebrae. These lead to pain in the nape of the neck region due to spasm of the neck muscles. (Image source:Getty)


Arthritis is one of the reasons behind chronic neck pain. Those experiencing significant wear and tear on the joints of the neck may have stiff, inflamed and chronically painful neck. (Image source:Getty)


If you are experiencing pain in the neck, it could be cancer. Cancer of the structures in the upper neck region and skull base may cause pain in the posterior neck region. (Image source:Getty)

Personal Habits

Exercising without stretching first, frequent teeth grinding, reading while laying down and spending long hours before computer are all things that we don’t pay heed to. But, these are as likely as other causes to trouble your neck. (Image source:Getty)


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