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Oiling mistakes we did not know we were making

BY Onlymyhealth Staff WriterJun 09, 2017

Be gentle

When we say hair oil massage, we mean rubbing your scalp gently on your scalp, almost like running your fingers through your hair and on your scalp. Sometimes, the biggest mistake we make is massaging our scalps so abruptly that it causes the hair to fall out of the hair follicles.

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Massaging when our hair is wet

When our hair is wet, the hair follicles are soft and even gentle tugging pulling can make you lose hair. It is better if you just let your hair dry a bit first, and then apply hair oil gently over your scalp and hair. Do not rub or massage, just apply and leave the scalp to soak the oil.

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Not oiling the tips

Sometimes we only apply hair oil on the scalp and not on the tips. Just so you know dryness at the hair tips can cause split ends and hair breakage. Applying a little oil on the tips will not only nourish your hair roots to tip but will also make your tresses look fabulous.

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Not using the right oil

 Just like other beauty products, hair oils have variety. People usually don’t give much heed to the type of hair oil that they are using but the hair oil must suit your hair. Wrong hair oil may not benefit you much or it can even make you lose hair. So, choosing the right oil is important. Like if you are looking for light nourishment, simple coconut oil would do but if you are looking for hair growth coconut oil won’t be of any use.

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Not knowing the right frequency of hair oiling

Knowing the right frequency of oiling your hair is the most important thing that hardly anyone is aware of. If you are oiling your hair too often, you are clogging your hair follicles but if you are oiling your hair seldom, you are drying your scalp and hair. Just know the right frequency of hair oiling, which is twice a week. Yes, just two times a week is enough.

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