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Not Eating these Vegetables can Wreak Havoc on Your Health

Here are the top 10 vegetables that you should be eating, but you aren't.

Exercise & Fitness By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Mar 16, 2014

Do you even Eat Vegetables?

A study that was recently reviewed in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine says that vegans have a much lower blood pressure compared with the meat-eating counterparts. However, this doesn’t mean you should quit eating your favourite pepperoni pizza. The truth is that those people who eat the most meat are the ones who eat the least vegetables, which makes the former obese and thus, have a lot of health problems. This naturally translates to, “Eating meat is unhealthy”. If you are a meat eater, take a closer look at your diet and see what it is that it is missing and you’d spot many of these veggies.

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Beet Greens

Beet greens are the best sources of potassium worldwide. They help to counter act the problem of excessive sodium in the body, which is said to cause high blood pressure. Eating potassium-rich foods helps to prevent the threat of a rising blood pressure level.

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Antioxidants have been linked to a lot of health benefits such as that of reducing different forms of cancer that benefit the liver. They are high in powerful antioxidants like rutin, quercertin, luteolin, cynarin, silymarin and anthocyanins.

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Yes, you have heard about it and its many benefits, but you would still not eat it. Broccoli has tremendous cancer-fighting properties and they taste amazing. It also helps in reduction of cholesterol, is a powerful antioxidant and improves bone and heart health.

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Collard Greens

Collard greens have vitamins K, A and E and are high in antioxidants, which help to reduce oxidative stress. Besides, they are just 63 calories per cup. Collard greens help to drop the cholesterol levels by binding the bile acids and then getting them flushed instead of being re-absorbed.

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Eggplants are low in calories and high in iron, fibre as well as calcium. Eggplants help one to keep full and keep the body strong. The vegetable contains antioxidants that control high blood pressure and cause a reduction in stress. Make sure that you do not fry the eggplant too much, instead roast, bake, grill, etc.

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Fennel is contains ample amounts of fiber, vitamin C, folate and a powerdul phytonutrient called anethole. It can also reduce inflammation, protect the liver from harmful chemicals that may otherwise cause injury and prevent cancer.

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Hot Peppers

Hot peppers like any other are rich in capsaicin, which is a compound that boosts the metabolism, helping it to burn more calories. Researchers in a study found that an increased amount of capsaicin experienced a much lower obesity-induced insulin resistance in the mice. A lot of other researches show that capsaicin helps to reduce blood pressure by calming the arterial walls.

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Kale is said to be the world’s best source of vitamin A, a nutrient that promotes eye and skin’s health. It may also help strengthen the immune system. Kale is an amazing source of heart-healthy fibre and lots of vitamin C.

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Mushrooms are full of antioxidants and are great for keeping one disease-free. Animals studies have proven that mushrooms decrease heightened blood sugar levels improving the control of blood sugar.

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A study done in the year 2008 that was published in the journal, Journal of Food Science, found that if one adds rosemary to meat before cooking it, the total amount of heterocyclic amine’s in the final product falls down. Heterocyclic amine’s have been linked to several forms of cancer.

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