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Nine Friends who give Friendship a Bad Name

Friends make our lives worth living, and all the friends we make count. But, if you look closely there are a few who are just giving friendship a bad name. Here are nine of them.

Mental Health By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Jul 23, 2014

When Friendship Blooms

Friends are important to one's life, and you will actually make a very few friends who will remain for a lifetime, because most simply just disappear. When choosing friends you should be careful, because friends can influence our lives to a great extent. In fact most times friends are nearer and dearer than parents and siblings, with friends we share more likes than with anyone else. Therefore, it is very important that we choose the right friends because friends influence out lives more than anyone else. There are certain friends that you must stay away from, here is a list.

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The Jealous Friend

A friend who is jealous is of no good, because he or she will always be jealous of you. A friend should be one who is happy for you when you are doing well, and sad for you when you are not. A jealous friend is just a negative force in your life, and you should always try and avoid a friend.
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The Gossiping Friend

These friends will ruin your reputation by all means, because they like to gossip. Anything and everything you share with such a friend will most definitely reach ten other ears in a much modified form. Add this to his or her constant look out for new juicy stories, and you have a very unreliable friend. Watch out for this one!
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The Monetary Friend

There are friends who just think of money all the time, and there are those who just do not want to spend any. Both these sort of friends are joy killers, and therefore you should avoid such friends. Friends who think of money all the time do not have anything else to share other than the sensex, and friends who are trying to save all the time are of course people for whom you would always have to spend money.

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The Egoistic Friend

Friends who are egoistic can get on your nerves and any conversation would end up into an arguement. Everyone is a little egoistic inside but one who is full of ego can never be a good friend. Such a person will always you in between a conversation and make his or her point more relevant than yours. Such a person is no good to be with, ego is a vice.
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The Drunk Friend

A drunk friend will always show up unsettled, both emotionally and mentally and will unsettle your life too. A friend who loves to drink and probably drinks everyday could influence you and you may begin to do so as well. Hence, you should make sure that you stay away from a friend who is drunk all the time!
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The Judgmental Friend

Here is a type of friend who is of no good help, he is judging everything from his throne which is high above on that imaginary pedestal. You cannot talk about love, life, grief, happiness, because he has a different take on everything. Also, most times such people can get on your nerves, because judging your life should not be anyone else's business.
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The Competitor Friend

Here is someone who is constantly competing with you, and the competition is on every single stage. It is always a race, and he or she always wants to compete and moreover win in every competition. Understand that such a friend is more of a liability than a strength. So, stay away.

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The Two Faced Friend

Here is the type of friend who will most definitely shake your belief in humanity. He or she is two faced and will almost all the time be acting. There is no way to understand this person in the real sense, everything he says or does is just for show and you will be at your wit's end. Such a friend is a negative energy in your life, and you must avoid them at all costs.
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