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Natural Ways to Treat Water Infection

Water is our lifeline and we can’t live without it. But, contaminated water can harm us by letting toxins in our body that wreck havoc on our digestive system, kidneys and bladder. If you have contracted water infection and like to avoid antibiotics,

Home Remedies By Ariba Khaliq / Oct 28, 2014

Contaminated Water is Dangerous

Water infections affect a lot of people worldwide, especially children and can be very discomforting. They directly affect the patients’ kidneys and are different from the regular urinary tract infections (UTIs). They are caused by pathogenic microorganisms that most commonly are transmitted in contaminated fresh water.

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How do Water Infections Occur

Water infections can be caused by protozoa, bacteria and viruses that may invade the tissues of your circulatory system through walls of the digestive tract. They may cause problems in your digestive system, bladder, urinary tract or all of them together. There are antibiotics available to treat the infection, but for those who avoid the use of antibiotics, here's how you can treat your infection naturally.

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Red Juice

Cranberry juice is the best option to flush toxins out of your kidneys. Have a glass of it twice daily. You can also go for blueberry or pomegranate juice. They are full of antioxidants and can get your body rid of infection naturally.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

The pH of vinegar is known to break down foreign bodies. A few shots of apple cider vinegar will force your body to kick into action against the problem causing pathogens.

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Avoid Pain Killers

You might not feel the pain, but over-the-counter pain killers affect your kidneys bad. If you feel a need to take painkillers, use them as a last resort. Try a hot water bottle, a nap or some light stretching first.

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Take Rest

Taking adequate sleep ensures optimal health and makes the pain more bearable for the patient. This is because when the body isn’t tired, it can deal with pain better. In order for your body to fight something, you need to get enough rest, which is somewhere between 7-9 hours a night.

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Keep Off Red Meat

Your body needs a lot of energy to break down red meat and while it is already weak fighting infections, it shouldn’t have to work hard on digestion. Avoid eating red meat at least until you have an infection so that your body can flush toxins out. Lean, white meats are permissible though.

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Don’t Consume Processed Foods

While your body is combating infections, it will be better off with everything fresh. You should know what is going in your food and you can avoid ingredients that may aggravate your problem. Try to eat lots of legumes, fruits and vegetables as they are easily digested and therefore create less pain for you.

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