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Natural tips to prevent Chickenpox

Chickenpox is one of the most common yet the most feared diseases along with being contagious. Some of the very initial symptoms are fever, rashes that look like blister, being itchy. In some cases, the severity results in bacterial infections on ski

Home Remedies By Namrata Dutta / Apr 07, 2016

Get vaccinated

The most basic and primary measure is to get vaccinated for chickenpox. Vaccination provides Immunity against diseases like chicken pox. Shot of varicella vaccine helps one immune system against chickenpox, measles and mumps. Vaccination provides mild resistance against chickenpox.

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Immunity is the key

Try to keep your immunity system string, so that your body can fight against any bacterial, viral or fungal infection. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a good diet, avoiding consumption of alcohol, quitting smoking and working out on regular basis will help you maintain your immune system.

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Since, chickenpox is airborne; you must avoid people already infected with chicken pox. And it is contagious from the very first time to the time till the rashes appear. Breathing in the same room with a chickenpox infected person can is enough to get infected.

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Disinfection can help

Disinfection of your house and your surroundings definitely helps. Washing your hands before eating anything can help you keep chickenpox infection at bay.

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Antiviral drugs are an option

Consult your doctor about antiviral drugs. Along with vaccinations, there are drugs that help your body fight against the infections.

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