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Myths about Womens Sexual Desire Decoded

Let us school you on what’s true and what’s false when it comes to women’s sexual desires.

Snr By Ariba Khaliq / Mar 05, 2014

School of Women’s Sexual Desire

When we are young, we are vulnerable to believe a lot of funny stuff about sex. Didn’t all of us believe that women could lose virginity to a tampon? But the older and wiser us can spot sex myths easily. Still some hearsay can keep us guessing and could be preventing us from reaching the perfect spot between the sheets. Let us school you on what’s true and what’s false when it comes to women’s sexual desires.

Myth 1: Women want less sex than men.

Fact: Women think about sex as much as men do. Sure, they are not that impulsive. But, women express their desires more discreetly. Aside from pure physical arousal, women need to feel loved.

Myth 2: Women don’t like porn.

Fact: Women too enjoy pornography. And if you thought only men can conjure up fantasies, then you are definitely misguided. Remember not all women want to be whisked away into a gentle world of "love-making".

Myth 3: Sex during menstrual cycle won’t get you pregnant.

Wrong! Just a small-little sperm is needed to make you pregnant and those things can stay alive inside for several days and fertilise the egg later, especially if your cycle is short. It is unlikely that a woman will get pregnant while menstruating but not impossible.

Myth 4: Orgasm feels like earth-shattering.

Alas! That’s not true. Some women may not even know they had an orgasm. In some women, pelvic muscles don't contract as much however after a point of arousal they do feel relaxed and content. It’s normal if he didn’t “rock your world.”

Myth 5: G-spot is always erogenous.

Fact: True that every woman has a G-spot but, not every woman’s G-spot is an erogenous zone. Don’t waste your time on finding the sweet spot if you’ve failed a couple of times. Focus on her other erogenous spots instead.

Myth 6: A woman’s pleasure noises are a proof that she is enjoying it.

Fact: Some women are more vocal while others are not. Don’t expect her to scream all the time. If she isn’t making pleasure sounds, it doesn’t mean she isn’t enjoying it. Sometimes silence is golden.

Myth 7: Sex isn’t important to women.

Women appreciate a good sex life just like men; they just don’t prioritise it over family life. Women multi-task and attempt to combine everything. You only have to look at the Sex & the City girls to see that sex is very much at the forefront of many ladies' minds!

Myth 8: Women want it to get over soon.

Fact: No, just the refusal on guy’s part to stop until his partner achieves orgasm is a letdown. But, if he really gets going hitting the right spot over and over again, women don’t want you to stop ever.

Myth 9: Women need to be wooed to have sex.

Fact: Sometimes they do need an extra bit of wooing but women have been conditioned like that- they should not to make the first move when it comes to everything from asking someone out on a date to planting that very first kiss to initiating sex to proposing marriage. The same goes with sex; they don’t want to seem desperate.

Myth 10: Women like oral sex the best.

Just because clitoral orgasms feel awesomely fantastic doesn’t mean women don’t enjoy other things. Like giving blow jobs, and experimenting with anal, and trying a bit of kinky role playing. Women like it all.


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