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10 Must-have Strategies to Get Rid of Social Anxiety

Many people suffer from social anxiety at some point in their lives. Social anxiety can be situational for some, while for others it can be intrusive.

Mental Health By Himanshu Sharma / Jun 30, 2014

Social Anxiety

Anxiety that people face when paying at the counter, buying a ticket or just being on the stage for a large audience is normal. Many people suffer from social anxiety at some point in their lives. Social anxiety can be situational for some, while for others it can be intrusive. You don’t have to live with it as there are many things that can help to overcome social anxiety.

Get to the Root

Identifying the source of anxiety is one of the first steps to decreasing social anxiety reactions. What is causing social anxiety? Is it because self-image or self-esteem issues or does it happen around certain people? Once the root of your anxiety is discovered, it will become easier to put it off.

Ask for Help

If you are in a social situation that is discomforting, take help of someone trustworthy to accompany you. If not a friend or family member, you can ask a therapist to help you feel safe.

Take it Head-on

Walk into the situation that you fear for and stay in it for some time. Get accustomed to the anxiety and integrate slowly into the experience. If at any point you feel yourself getting too anxious, let the situation be. Else, see it through and return once you have calmed down.

Avoid Self-talk

Self-talk or ‘what we tell ourselves’, can hinder the progress with coping with social anxiety. It usually supports negative beliefs and triggers anxiety. Self-talk can help you when negative thoughts are replaced with more affirming and positive thoughts.

Deep Breathing Helps

Taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly can help you to lower anxiety levels before entering social situations that trigger stress. Deep breathe to calm yourself when you think you are in a streeful situation.

Positive Affirmations

Presentations, public speaking, social events and gatherings may put you in situations that may trigger an anxiety attack, but it is also how you can get rid of it. Positive affirmations help and writing them down even helps some people to cope with anxiety.

Meditation and Yoga

Learn to meditate or take up yoga to get rid of social anxiety. These are some relaxation techniques that bring calmness and also prevent anxious episodes. When you feel anxiety coming on, resort to these and you will calm down.


Role playing or rehearsing how you want to act in specific social situations can help alleviate the level of anxiety and build confidence. One way of doing it is by practicing small talk with a friend.

Hide that Feeling

Pretend to be confident even when anxiety is underneath the surface. The idea of pretending to be confident often leads to a decrease in anxiety when one realizes that the situation is not as bad as imagined. When nothing seems to work, faking a sense of calm may actually work.

Avoid Situations that Make you Overtly Anxious

Avoiding social situations to get rid of anxiety may not sound good but it is the only solution available when you confront something that causes too much anxiety. Avoiding it helps you to relax more and feel comfortable.


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